Fix Windows Vista black desktop on Startup


This problem causes windows to startup to a black screen, with only the “Documents” folder open, once you close it, the screen is all black, no start menu , no background, no icons.

The causes of this are not very clear to be but i suggest that it is related to some form of new virus or malware.

To correct this do the following:

– On the black desctop screen, hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc

-The tast Manager will appear, from the file menu, select run and write “explorer” without the quotations.

-Your computer will load the start menu and will work correctly.

Until now, we still haven’t fixed the problem, the next time you boot your computer , you will have to repeate the same procedure.

I assumed that this is relating to some kind of malware that is corrupting explorer.exe, or creating a fake explorer.exe in the system32  or system folders (these folders have a higher priority that the windows folder where the original expolorer.exe is, and creating an explorer.exe there will cause it to run instead of the real explorer. This vulnerability was used by some scarewares in the past). but I couldn’t find a proof to my assumptions.

I’m not very proud of the solution that I found for this problem, because it didn’t get me to the bottom of the problem, anyway here it goes.

Download and install Kaspersky 2010, activate the trial version.

Once installed, open it, update it, and then scan for system vulnerabilities (not viruses because you will not find anything). Kaspersky will detect an “Explorer substitution” and will be able to fix it.

That’s it your computer is fine now.

If anyone does have a clue about how this was pulled off, please share 🙂