Norton 360 complete removal

Since the begining of times, Symentec products has always had some of the worse uninstallers in the galaxy, back in the days, you could currupt your windows installtion trying to simply uninstall Norton 2000, now 10 years later, the Virus decetion pioneers still have problems building their uninstallers, maybe they think that you will not be removing their baby once you install it, that is just not right.

Anyway, I tried removing Norton 360 today to take the new Kaspersky PURE for a test drive, after running the norton uninstaller, rebooting and running the kaspersky installer, BAM, kaspersky reports that there is another antivirus installed and it needs to be manually removed to complete the installation, and was no other than our beloved Norton. Anyway to fully put Norton 360 out do the following:

1. Run the Norton 360 uninstallers from ¬†the “Programs and features” in the control panel and reboot.

2. Run the Live Updte uninstaller¬†“Programs and features” in the control panel and reboot (or not).

3. Open the registry editor and find the following keys:


I wouldn’t say delete these keys (that can backfire in the future), just rename them to something like “NortonXXX” and “SymantecXXX”

Now, you can run your other anti-virus installer without problems.

Speaking of Norton 360, it is true that it does not remind you that it is there every second, you rarely even notice it, it will update, scan, backup automatically and do what has to be done. But the downside is: if it is unfair to call it a blind antivirus, then calling it eye-crossed is saying the least, even fully updated, this piece of software will not be able to detect many many viruses and malware even if you click them. Furthermore, the version that I had did not even have a “right click : scan” option on any file of drive, you will just have to rely on the real time scanner, that will fail you sooner or later.

Bottom line is, steer clear of Symentec products, or remove them and get a Kaspersky while it is still your choice.

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