Find the location of any mobile phone on a map !

Using this method you can find where any phone number is located within 5000 meter radius (max). The final outcome is a google map with the phone’s location. You can use this to find out many things that will only bring you trouble (Your kid isn’t at school, Your husband isn’t at work, your girlfriend isn’t at her grandmother’s )etc…


For this to happen, the phone to be found must be a symbian phone (nokia series 6, N series or else) and it must have nimbuzz installed and configured.

  • install nimbuzz on your own phone. (any phone will do it, it doesn’t have to be a symbian) .
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  • On the target phone, from the program settings enable (share my location with everyone).
  • Add the target phone as a contact.
  • accept adding the contact from the target phone.

Now you are almost good to go.

Whenever you want to check the target phone location open Nimbuzz and select “Retrieve Location”.

If he is not online you can select Buzz to make him go online.

A map will show on your phone’s screen showing the target phone location. and you can decide from them whether to break-up with him/her or just ignore it.

Did this work for you? Do you think it’s ok to use it on people without their approval?

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