Making international calls at the price of a local call

There are many ways to avoid directly calling a person in another country and this is a very good one. You will only have to pay for a local call and hear a 10sec Ad !.

First open the website talkster and fill your country and phone number, that’s it no registration required

Press Go!.

You will be given a local number you should call. and will send your friend a message with the local number he should call.
Now call your local number, it will give you 10 seconds to tell your friend to hangup and call back his local number (the number he is receiving the call from). Meanwhile you will hear some lame music. When your friend calls back each of you will hear a 10 seconds Advertising, Just ignore it!. then you are free to talk as much as you want.

Also there is another way around to avoid even paying the local call by using a computer (your friend will still have to call) to do it, in the first screen when you are asked to give your number and country, select “Google Talk” as your country and your Gmail address as your phone number. Then open Gtalk and add your friend’s number as a contact like this

Your friend will be added to your contact list, you will just have to select him and press call, you will have to do the same steps as in the normal phone call.

You can find the countries that are available here

If you still don’t get it check this video presentation

If you still don’t get it just call him and buy peace to your mind.

I tried this and it works, comment if you can’t get it to work!