Secret code to show the true calls timer for sony ericsson and nokia.

Here is the secret code to show the total calls timer (incoming and outgoing) for any sony ericsson or nokia phone. This timer cannot be reset and it is useful when you buy a used (or new!) cellphone.

For Sony Ericsson press:

right    * left   left   * left *

from the standby screen. A secret service menu will appear, select service tests. then scroll down until you find the total call timer.

On the same menu you can do several tests to check the phone for proper operation, you can

Check the main display colors.

Check the LED light, keyboard back light and screen light.

check all the keypad keys

Check the Mic, speaker, and earphone.

Check the camera.

Check the vibrator.

Check the Flash (if there is one)

All these functions can be tested with out a SIM card.

For Nokia phones and on the standby screen type:


it is as if you were typing

There you should be able to check the real total calls timer.

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