The Top 10 must have applications for windows mobile phones PPC

I have been using microsoft windows mobile pocketPCs for about 2 years now, in those years I tried lots and lots of applications, free and paid. Here is a list of my top 10 must have freeware application.

1. OpenMarket ( Omarket) .

Whether you had the microsoft marketplace app on your phone or not, the Open market is a great way to download and install lots of freeware. As a matter of fact most of the apps below can be downloaded from it. You can get it here

2. Pocket total commander.

I love windows mobile because I still can use my windows reflexes and tricks on it. but the regular file explorer does not offer much flexibility, like changing a file extension. Total commander will allow you full control over your file system, network shares access, and more importantly, integrated registry editor. you can get this app here


Waze is a freeware turn-by-turn GPS navigator, with realtime traffic info and 100% user generated data. furthermore, it’s a growing community of drivers all around the world, driving while having fun collecting road items and playing geo-games. you must check it out here


TCPMP is THE media player for windows mobile, you can play and almost any audio or video in the world, locally, over the internet, or over LAN. a prettier version of this app is available for a small fee (coreplayer) . you can get TCPMP here


This is the real deal of Pocket PC browsers, you can access virtually any website, as if you were on a real PC, Video & audio streaming, Java based websites, flash support, you name it, they have it. if you are planning to do some browsing on your PPC, forget about the internet explorer, and get Skyfire here

6. Google Maps.

Even without providing turn-by-turn navigation, Google maps for pocket PC is still a great app to check where you are, who of your friends is around, and what is the buzz around.

7.  Miasto Muzyki

If you love internet radio, this app is for you, many channels, genres for every taste, playlist broadcasting, now playing view with cd covers, plays while to screen is off, and an integrated player to save you from the mercy of Media player. check it here

8. The Facebook app.

If it is not already in your phone, you should probably get this app. provides you with full accesss to your face book account, while minimizing the data consumption compared to what you get if you simply browsed to the website.

9. Nimbuzz

This app will keep you in touch with all your social network friends, yahoo, gmail, facebook, msn, you name it. Also allows you to ping (buzz) your friends free of charges to get them to turn the app on and have an internet call or chat. can also be used to share your current location with your friends. Get it here

10. Bing

Last and probably least, Bing, if you had one of these new fancy PPCs with wide HD screen (envy >:(  ) you may want  to check this one out, allows you access to all bing services. here

Did I leave out your favorite app?  please write about it here

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