Get some cash back from amazon : the ugly way

Here is the story of how I got about 25% of my money back on a 9 bucks amazon order!Amazon

All I wanted was some cheap iPhone accessories, china made, nothing fancy. I got what I needed from a couple of amazon marketplace sellers. The First seller was ok, nothing unusual, but for the second one I had some problems.

First there was no tracking button next to the order in my amazon control panel, and second the order took a week longer to arrive than the items bought from the other seller.

I contacted the seller about these problems, I copied the original Email I send here:


Why doesn’t this shipment have the tracking button like every other shipment from other amazon stores?

Please send me the tracking number of this shipment knowing that I have already recieved 4 other packages bought from other amazon stores at the same checkout


A day later a got a reply

Dear buyer,

This is your tracking number by USPS:

It arrives to you within 7 business days after we shipped it out normally.

Can you please get back to me if you have any problem with it?

Thank you very much.

Actually I got the package a couple of days later. When amazon Emailed me to post my feedback, I said what the hell, let’s leave some feed back. I left positive feed back for all the sellers I’ve ever bought from, except for this one.

Here is the feedback I left as I recall it.

“verrrry slow and expansive shipping, the product is ok, nothing more or less than what I expected”.

Hours later I got contacted by the seller, here is a copy of their email.

Dear buyer,
I am sorry that we didn’t satisfy you.
Can I refund you $2.00?
Can you please remove the feedback for me?

Thank you.

Its better than nothing, isn’t it?

It works for me.
Just do the refund and instruct me on how to remove the feedback.

Actually I got the refund hours later

Dear buyer,
Thank you for getting back to me.

I have issued the partial refund to you.

As promised, I removed the feedback.

Good luck.

And everyone was happy

Thank you!

No wonder that almost all amazon marketplace crap sellers have 100% positive feedback. If I knew, I would leave negative feedback  to all sellers! but that would be mean, wouldn’t it?

What about you? Would you consider leaving negative feedback to a good seller to  get some money back?