My pentium 4 2.8Ghz accidentally overclocked to 3.34Ghz!!

Here is the story about how I overclocked my CPU with an extra 700Mhz without even knowing it!

While I was messing around with my BIOS settings I noticed that my RAM is running at a clock of 333Mhz instead of 400Mhz, (I know I should dump my entire system), the only thing I could do to make that happened is to increase the CPU core clock.

The CPU Core clock was set to 133 which resulted in 333Mhz Ram clock, so I did increase it from 133 to 159 and I obtained a RAM clock of 399 .

After rebooting the system worked just fine but I went to check the windows detected CPU speed and RAM, The RAM memory was detected OK but windows didn’t detect the CPU speed, OK now something must be wrong.
I used SiSoftware Sandra to read my CPU speed and guess what I found:

CPU speed 3.34GHZ !!

My CPU is 2.8GHZ and this is way to much to expect from a safe overclock. SisSoft also displayed a bunch of warnings about the FSB being too high.

I rushed to check the CPU temperature and I found it to be stable around 47C I’m no expert here but I think this is normal.
I went back to my bios settings and restored the original CPU clock to 133 and checked the CPU speed using the same software and I found it back to 2.83Ghz

Until I get some expert advice I’ll let it be for now.

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