Update HTC Vivid to ICS 4.0.3 safely in just a few minutes

I just received my HTC vivid from Amazon. The phone is looking great, 4″ display, dual core 1.2Ghz cpu, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera and support for 2G 3G and 4G networks!

Htc Vivid comes with Android 2.3.4  Gingerbread, which is pretty nice, but you know what is better? HTC Vivid was one of the first phones of its series to receive the official Android ICS, which comes bundled with the latest version of HTC sense.

One of the first things that I’ve done once I got the phone was to look for how to update it ICS, I read many many pages talking about rooting, bootloader stats, and some very long and complicated update guides. the good news is: you dont really need that! if you just got the phone (not previously used) and have never unlocked its bootloader and messed with its ROM, then updating to ICS can be as easy as this:

1. wake sure you have a working Wifi.

2. go to dialer and dial *#*#682#*#* wait for a few seconds, and a prompt will tell you that an update is being downloaded. wait for it to finish, then click update now when prompted to. the screen can go off during download, dont worry, just make sure you have more than 50 of the battery to continue.

3. Sit back, relax, watch some TV series, the update process will take more than 5 minutes. The screen will go off at times and come back on to the update prompt, dont worry, just focus on the TV series and dont touch nothing.

4. when the phone reboots, you’ll have a fully working ICS.

Now to some questions that I had before I updated my HTC vivid and to which I didn’t find an answer online:

Does HTC vivid ICS support arabic texts? Yes, while 2.3.4 has broken letters, ICS displays arabic perfectly. just get any free arabic keyboard and you’re good to go. The menues language however is latin only.

I have an unlocked sim HTC vivid will it get locked if I update to ICS? No it won’t, if your phone is unlocked out of the box then you’re good to go.

 Can I OTA my HTC vivid while being outside of the US? yes you can, just follow the steps, and it work fine htc vivid ics


Copy Outlook accounts and emails without redownloading

Copying Outlook accounts and emails is a rather tricky task. You can easily copy the PST file and import it in the new computer, but that will not copy your account setting, worse, The new outlook will not be able to tell if the emails you copied are the same as those still on the server (if you’re keeping a copy on the server that is) and you’ll end up downloading all you inbox emails again, creating duplicated emails (the copied and the downloaded ones).

I assume that the new outlook is fresh and doesn’t contain any data, if you follow this guide, the emails and accounts of the new outlook will be overwritten.

To transfer all your email (sent & inbox) to a new computer do the Following

1. On the old computer, find your PST files, you can do so by navigating to account settings and then data files

outlook email copy

2. Copy the PST files to a removable storage for transfer to the new computer.

3. Hit WinKey + R and type regedit to start the registry editor. navigate to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook . right click outlook and select export. save the registry to the removable drive.

4. Now go to the new computer. paste the PST files to the same folder you found them in (in outlook 2010 it is in documents\outlook files)

5. Now start regedit as before, and navigate to the same key. export it to a safe location in case you need to rollback. then delete they key.

6. double click the registry you imported from the old machine and install it.

Now start outlook, if there’s a message asking for the location of the datafiles, it means that you didn’t copy them to the same location, just browse to the copied files and click open.

7. You should now be able to see your old emails (inbox, sent, junk, etc) and find your old accounts in the account settings page.

8. If you’re unable to send \ receive because of  the following error outlook unable to open data files. there’s a little trick that I did to bypass it.

A. Open account settings and click you email address.

B. on the bottom of the screen click change folder. then create a new data file (dont use the imported PSTs)

C. save everything, then send receive. as soon as it start downloading cancel the process.

D. repeat the  process and change the folder to the imported PST’s inbox folder.

E. Send receive again, it will work! DON’T ASK ME WHY, it just does.


Hope this will work for ya.

main/iw_25.iwd is different from the server – Finally a solution!

main/iw_25.iwd is different from the server is a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 error that has poisoned the multiplayer experience for those who still havent bought the latest game DLC.

main/iw_25.iwd is different from the server   happens when a non-DLC player tries to join a game hosted on a DLC user machine, even if the current map is not one of the new DLC maps.

While InfinityWard still havent released an official solution to fix this iw_25.iwd error, a user on the steam forums confirmed that infinityward has allowed him to legally share the files  iw_25.iwd and  iw_26.iwd online, this fix will not allow you to play any DLC maps, just fix the issues when you try to join a game on a DLC server playing a non-DLC map.

To play the new maps and get a go on the new co-op missions you must buy the DLC at 15$ or so from the Steam market.

WordPress Exit Box finally released!

I finally got around to making the final touches to my latest WordPress plugin: Exit Box. It was released an approved in CodeCanyon just a couple of days ago.

Exit Box is actually a remake of my previous release WordPress Exit Strategy. While Exit strategy will send outgoing links through the famous Exit Page, the latter uses a jQuery loaded Exit Box to display the exit page contents.

Wordpress Exit Box

Most of Exit strategy features were ported to exit page, including Share&pass, a feature that can allow a visitor to skip the redirection delay by clicking any of the social buttons included with the plugin (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)

While both plugins can be perfect for any uses, Exit Box will be smarter if you are using it to display a “you’re leaving our website” message. A visitor just close the box to return to the previous page. Exit strategy on the other hand will perform better with ads in general.

If you want to read more about WordPress Exit Box , please visit our CodeCanyon page.

AlterIWnet is down who will be the alternative?

After almost 3 years of existence, AlterIW; a modding community for Call of duty Modern warfare, and Blackops, has finally been forced into termination by Activision, the creator of the call of duty franchise.

Call Of duty Modern warfare, changed the nature of its predecessors, no console access,  and worst of all, no dedicated servers. Everything must go through the Steam client, a change that was faced by outrage from the COD fans, making many of them trying to start a boycott movement for the new game.

The game ended up a success, but it gave birth to AlterIW.net, a community dedicated to to offer an alternative gaming experience for the game, allowing dedicated servers, mods, and a better cheat prevention system. the community grew fast until it hit 1 million players.

The same community and developers also made another project “AlterOps” a project by which, similar functionality was added to the newer Call Of Duty: BlackOps, the project was still in beta when the AlterIW community was shutdown.

Many rumors are told about why did activision decide to go after AlterIW, some say that its because of some talks that an AlterIW was being considered for Modern warfare 3, the latest sequel of the franchise. Others think that the AlterOps project interfered with the yet to be announced  COD BlackOps 2 .

Some new communities are now trying to pickup where AlterIWnet left off. one of them(They asked not to be mentioned here) looks very promising. they already have a working WM2 server and are working to release their own version of AlterOps. This Romanian based community is most likely to stay clear of WM3, a wise choice that may prevent it from sharing a similar faith as its precedent.

R.I.P AlterIW, it was a good run.AlterIWnet

TagGator Pro WordPress auto tagging plugin

I started developing TagGator back in 2009, initially I wrote it for personal use as I could not find a plugin to do the job. a little later I cleaned up a copy and submitted it to wordpress.org, it was approved and it got some very nice comments and feedback from the users. Now, alomst 3 years later, I started writing TagGator Pro.

TagGator Pro is an auto tagging plugin. it scans your posts for some keywords, and then tags these posts based on the result.

TagGator Pro


Other than what the free version offers, TagGator gives you the following features:

  •  Automatic tagging for new posts.
  • Scanning for multiple keywords per tag. (finding any of a set of keywords results in applying one tag).
  • Scanning Post titles for tags.
  • Works great with Feed aggregators and auto blogging solutions.


TagGator Pro is now available through CodeCanyon for only 12 USD. Get TagGator Pro now and never manually tag a post again!

TagGator wordpress auto tagging plugin

WordPress Exit Strategy Pro now on CodeCanyon

WordPress Exit Strategy has just been approved in CodeCanyon, one of the leading plugin markets on the Internet. Hope you’ll like it!

If you’re here for the live Demo, just click the link below. Normally it would take you straight to the plugin page on CodeCanyon, but with Exit Strategy, you’ll pass through  my exit page. 

Exit Strategy Pro on CodeCanyon

WordPress Exit Strategy.

You think you’re running your WordPress site at its full potential? So, what’s your Exit Strategy?

What happens when a visitor clicks a link to an external site? They just leave?? Then know that you’re leaving money on the table, losing potential customers, and wasting possible social bookmarks.

WordPress Exit strategy is a plugin to redirect all external links in your posts through an exit page. Your exit page design and contents is what sets your exit strategy. Place ads, social bookmarking buttons, and links. You can include the outgoing link in your exit page, auto redirect to it, or make it appear after a countdown timer.

Still don’t see why you need a WordPress Exit Strategy?

  1. Monetize outgoing links with ads on your exit page. Or offer them for rent on your favorite ads market.
  2. Get more social bookmarks. Place your social bookmarking links on your exit page. Gain an extra stream for social interaction.
  3. Protect your SEO score. Linking directly to external websites will leak some of your SEO points to the Linked page. WordPress Exit Strategy will protect you from this with its “nofollow” links.
  4. Offer alternative contents or websites, and you may bounce you visitor back into your website.

What’s the difference between the free, and Pro! Versions on WordPress Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy Pro!

Create your Exit Page



Automatically redirect to the link after a delay



Customizable redirection delay



Count down timer



Show a link after the delay runs out



Exclude selected posts



Shortcodes for Facebook & Google + buttons, for your post or entire site.



Process entire pages (including links in sidebars & footer)



Exclude specific links or websites



With Exit Strategy Pro, you’ll have extreme flexibility and full control over your exit pages.
Don’t waste any more time without an exit page! Get WordPress Exit Strategy Pro! Now, and start working on your exit strategy.
WordPress exit strategy is now available starting from only $35 $14.00. With the right exit page design and traffic, Exit Strategy will pay back for itself in no time!

Get Exit Strategy Pro! NOW

R.I.P Megaupload. it was a good run.

If you are wondering what the internet would look like if SOPA / PIPA where to pass, then take a look at this pretty screenshot taken today from the homepage of megaupload.com a 1 click file hosting website. One may argue that Megaupload.com was loaded with copyrighted material: movies, games, software, that are all available for download for free illegally, at the same time, Megaupload was making tons of money selling premium accounts and displaying ads to millions of daily viewers. But the thing is: why megaupload? how is it any different from rapidshare, filefactory, and hundreds of similar websites? Megaupload, like every other website took down any file after receiving a claim from a copyright owner, and that’s how all file hosting solutions survive. Was Megaupload just the first of many to come? will we still have any free file hosting service after all of this is over?

At least Megaupload got it good, they went to court, they got a lawyer, and they had their chance. But what of the rest? what will happen after SOPA (stop online piracy act) is in effect? man we should really get used to the sight of this FBI notice.

The elite hackers group Anonymous retaliated to the shutdown of megaupload by attacking the Depatement of justice, the FBI and some other copyright websites.

Many megaupload users are  furious for the loss of their legal contents and their subscriptions money,while users of other started packing their belonging stored with other  less than fully legal file hosting services.

This is just pre-taste of the bitter days to come,  where no information is safe, where websites get imploded into oblivion with the snap of a corporate finger. Rest in peace Megaupload, it was a good run.