Secret code to show the true calls timer for sony ericsson and nokia.

Here is the secret code to show the total calls timer (incoming and outgoing) for any sony ericsson or nokia phone. This timer cannot be reset and it is useful when you buy a used (or new!) cellphone.

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Prank software showing random jokes about your Boss!

The Idea is simple, you start the software, adjust its settings (Boss name,joke frequency) for example your Boss’s name is Mr. Bill ,then the software hides and shows up from time to time with a message.. A message like this:

“If you spell Mr. Bill in scrabble you win. Forever”
“Mr. Bill can divide by zero”

This software is ideally planted in a college’s computer, your own work computer, or your boss’s (if you have the nerve to do so). but it can also be used inside the family (big brother, Father) and the jokes will be specially funny if the boss is a strong aggressive man.
The Software’s name is BossJoker and it can be downloaded here Bossjoker

Bossjoker is a freeware but you can always donate any amount you like and increase the number of jokes from 250 to 725 !!

The software is cool and it’s worth a try.

AMI BIOS Recovery

Did your BIOS upgrade went wrong? A computer with a corrupted bios is a dead computer, the best  it can do is to sound some alarm through the internal case speaker, the board can’t actually work with screen to write what’s going on.

There is some Black magic you can use to revive your computer, in fact when the bios is corrupted it does not only sound the alarm but also it check’s the floppy drive (who said floppies are extinct devices?) it is in fact looking for some files in the floppy to recover, and here we will learn how to make them.

first get  one or more floppies (you never know when will a floppy let you down) and find a working PC with a floppy drive.

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Mabezat removal

Mabezat is the most angry, vicious and smart I have ever seen (yet). It is a virus (not a Trojan and not a spyware) it DOES infect EXE files along with .MSI files and executables inside archives. The executable infected is not destroyed but will cause a full infection before it is started in any PC.
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Happy birthday Google

Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary.


Google was programmed using C language between 1995-1997 under the name of BackRub (thank god they changed that!) it was then released in 1998.

You can read more about Google’s history here

So let’s all wish a happy birthday for google and wait for its Googleth anniversary.

Speedup windows XP boot

An Old windows installation will never be as fast as a fresh install, but many things can be done to improve the windows XP boot speed.

First you must disable any unneeded services and startup programs.

There are many software that claim to do this but here we do thing Angrybyte style, the Karate (empty handed) style.

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[DB] Naruto Shitpooden Movie Suicide Bonds a troll after all

[DB] guys just tricked every one by adding “[DB] Naruto Shitpooden Movie Suicide Bonds” to their new download list, In fact this is just some silly japanese horror movie, the only thing related to naruto is the naruto opening music in the beginning.
Good Job DB at least you got me, I didn’t even notice that it is  Shitpooden not shipuuden

Windows\system32\config\system is corrupted ? here is the solution.

Files under system32\config as generally registry hives (where the registry lives)

system32\config\system and  system32\config\software can be easily damaged or corrupted in case of power  drop in the system.

Note that unlike other system files do not think about restoring them using the expand command from the windows XP recovery console, these file contain YOUR registry and you don’t want them replaced with the stock XP empty registry.

2 Ways to solve this:

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Using Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G

Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G is a good wireless network access point, it rather stable and have a relatively wide range.

Many people don’t know how to configure it, and if you don’t, you should expect strangers to be sharing your local network, checking out your family album, and spamming the universe through you Internet connection.

Enough with the dark thoughts, here is how you can access your Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP54G and setup its security.
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Play a voice welcome on windows logon (No extra software needed!)

Sick of the usual windows Xp logon sound? you can record a voice  welcome with the computer’s voice to replace it!

Follow the steps:

Open the control panel and follow the numbered steps in the picture.

Setting the record device
Setting the record device

then press OK on all opened windows to save.

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