Fixing disk drives not opening with double click

Sometimes, after a virus infection, disk drives, flash disks and other media will not open when double clicked, but only when right clicked then open is selected.

This is because of a hidden autorun file left by the virus infection and the antivirus failing to delete it.

To fix this do the following.

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Free calls from cell phone to cell phone

Recently, many mobile applications where developed to enable VOIP call between cell phones,
Currently Only Symbian OS mobile phones and iPhone support voice calls,  other java enabled phones still can IM, send voice messages and pictures for free!

One of the many applications in this domain is Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz has 2 versions one for java enabled phones and one for symbian OS phones.

Both versions support IM between Nimbuzz phones, IM with Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and others, Sending Voice messages and directly from camera pictures. Also nimbuzz can Buzz a friend that is not currently running the software telling him that someone is waiting for him on nimbuzz, Also you can start international calls with the price of local calls if Nimbuzz had a server in your country.

The symbina version of nimbuzz adds the possibility to start and internet VOIP calls for free (only internet download fees apply)

Also nimbuzz can be useful to backup your phone contacts on the application server, and then restore them on another phone!.

You can check out the Nimbuzz website here

Super-hide a file

There are hidden files and super hidden files, hidden files are visible if you select “show hidden files and folders” from the folder options. To see a super-hidden file you will have to select “show hidden files and folders” and deselect “hide protected system files”

Showing super-hidden files
Showing super-hidden files

To super-hide a file do the following:

If you are familiar with DOS skip the first 5 steps and just DOS browse to the folder with the files to be hidden.

  1. right click the folder with the files to be hidden and select new->shortcut
  2. in the shortcut location type “cmd” , press next then finish.
  3. right click the created file and select properties
  4. empty the field start in. and press OK.
  5. start the created file.
  6. in the black screen type

attrib *.* +h +s +r       To hide all files


attrib *.txt +h +s +r     To hide all .txt files.

Later, to unhide the files open the created file and type

attrib *.* -h -s -r

Thats all.

Feel free to comment if anything goes wrong

Show a custom image in a folder’s background

Have you ever seen a flash disk, CD or just any folder that looks like this?

A USB Flash disk with a backgroud image
A USB Flash disk with a backgroud image

You can easily add a background to your USB flash disk or CD\DVD by following these steps.

1.Select the background you want and place in the folder or drive where you want to see it. rename it to back.jpg

2.In the same location, create a new file and name it desktop.ini

3. write the following code inside desktop.ini and save it

[ExtShellFolderViews] {BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}={BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC} [{BE098140-A513-11D0-A3A4-00C04FD706EC}] IconArea_Image=back.jpg

4.Exit the folder and open it again, and here is your fancy folder. To do this for a cd, burn the picture along with the desktop.ini files to the cd\dvd root.

One last thing is the choice of picture, what do you think is the best theme for a flash disc? Me I would go for some 3D images, maybe some games artworks ? what about you?

Virus infection prevention tips.

Today’s viruses and worms are much smarter than they used to be,

Back in time with the start of Windows Xp, you could get infected by “Sasser” just by allowing an active Internet connection to stay connected.

Today most of the vulnerabilities are fixed, but you still can make mistakes that will ruin your computer for a long time.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to avoid getting infected.

1.When using Internet explorer, never install ActiveX plugins when you are asked to do so by the yellow bar on top on a website, never open no matter how much you trust the website is and no matter how much they tease you by not allowing you to view contents until you install, even if they say its a gift from your dead mother. The only exception is the flash player and the java virtual machine, and still you should get them from their original websites.

2. If someday you had to download an EXE using any torrent client. you should assume in mind a 50 50 probability that the file is infected. what you can do if you would die without that file is to scan it with an updated antivirus AND do the following trick: install winrar . if you don’t already have it installed and then right click the downloaded exe. if you see “Extract Here” and “open with winrar”

winrar to detect malwares
winrar to detect malwares

select open with winrar (you are not risking anything as long as you dont double click the file). you should see 2 exe files packed together one is MAY BE what you need and the other is a bundled Trojan malware.

3. Flash disks and portable hard disks are a MAJOR virus carrier and most of the widely spread viruses such  as  W32/Mabezat-A Win32. are spread by them. If you really had to insert a suspicious flash disk in your computer do the following:

  • Hold the shift key before you insert the disk and keep holding while you insert it and until the disk is fully recognized by the computer.
  • open “My computer” but don’t double click the disk yet, notice the driver letter for the disk.
An infected USB flash disk
An infected USB flash disk
  • write the driver letter followed by : in the address bar (if you think you are smart just by right clicking a selecting open, think again!). and hit enter.
  • to unhide viruses in the infected disk (assuming your computer is not yet infected do the following):
  • select “Run” from the start menu and type “cmd”
  • on the DOS prompt write the driver letter for your disk H: in the example.
  • write: attrib *.* -h -s -r
  • hit enter. and quickly see open the “my computer” window we used to open the disk.
  • If your disk is infected you should be able to see your cute viruses in the form of one or several exe files and one autorun.ini file DELETE THEM ALL.

4. Never open email attachments from people you don’t know, and never open suspicious attachments (exe, cmd, com, swf,vbs).

5.never install any toolbar for your explorer, you don’t need them believe me! if your life depended on it you can download the google toolbar.

6.avoid using file sharing software (Emule, shareaza, etc) as I read a while ago “They are a problem waiting to happen”.

Feel free to comment me if you disagree with any of the above.

Using hamachi to play network games online.

Hamachi is a centrally-managed zero-configuration virtual private network (VPN) freeware application capable of establishing direct links between computers that are behind NAT firewalls without requiring reconfiguration.

When installed hamachi (also called logmein) creates a virtual network interface in the device manager. Once installed, you will be able to use the software interface to create or join networks.

hamachi interface
hamachi interface

To play a game, you can either create a network and give its name and password to a freind to join. Or you can google for a network playing your favourite game. try googling “hamachi yourgamesname“.

On hamachi you can play any game that supports network play even if it do not support internet play.