CloudFlare and it’s effect on Adsense CTR and CPC

So, CloudFlare or CF for short is a “free” service, it is used to speed up, and “protect?” your blog or website from spammers, hackers, etc. I decided to try it on this blog and see how it can help, what’s the worst that can happen right?

Activating CloudFlare is easy, create a free account, add your site, it will sniff some of your DNS records, you need to confirm them, and then it asks you to change your DNS name server from your host to them.

How Does CloudFlare work?

– A visitor try`s to visit your website.

– CloudFlare will decide if this visitor is a nice guy or a malicious creep.

– A nice guy will have immidiate access, while the creep get’s a “challenge”, a page from CloudFlare asking for your visitor to enter a captcha.

– If cloude fire has some of your static contents cached, it will serve them to the visitor instead of loading them from your server, as a CDN of some sort. and that is how CloudFlare will speed up your website.

CloudFlare: The good, the Bad and the Ugly:


Truth be told, the speedup part is real. page load times are improved, and you will consume less bandwidth. The protection bit anyway is a little of an over stretch. CloudFlare may really protect you from some bots, vulnerability scanners etc, but it will challenge many of your legit visitors as well, making many bounce directly off the challenge page. And the tricky part is: you can not fully disable CloudFlare secuirty, if it wasn`t for the adsense disaster that I’ll discuss in a bit, I would have stuck with CloudFlare just for the caching part, if I was able to turn security off.

In my case. CloudFlare considered around 50% of my visitors to be a threat! and that my friend, is with the security level set to LOW!  As we all know,”free cheese is in the mouse trap” I think CloudFlare is making some money off the challenge page, and that`s how they can afford to offer “free” CDN for everyone.

CloudFlare and Adsense

Now for the worst part: Adsense. although this really shouldn’t happen as CloudFlare only acts between the server and the browser, while adsense loads directly from the visitor browser to Google`s servers. CloudFlare ruined my Adsense income.

For the two days that I had CloudFlare on, my income dropped to less than 0.5$ a day!!! my average CPC dropped to $0.01, and click count dropped to half what it usually is. Some might argue that the rest of my income was coming from malicious robot clicks, but do you really believe that google will pay you for such traffic?

I honestly don’t have a clear Idea about the source of this conflict between CloudFlare and Adsense, I was not willing to stick around for long to find out! I tried white listing some IPs from the US assuming that one of them may be an Adsense crawler that is used to determine the contents of a page. but it didn’t work. So I just opted out, restored my original Name servers, and now my income is starting to get back to normal.

Bottom line is CloudFlare can really speed up your website, and protect you from some potential hackers. But you may want to test the effects of it on your adsense, and visitors before permanently applying it to all your websites.

Speedup Wimax connection

Wimax can take a long time to connect. That’s because your network access device is pre-programmed with a set of frequencies that the device needs to go though and select the best one each time you restart your wimax connection.

Luckily, there is a way to speedup wimax connection, but in order for it to be convenient. You must basically use your device in the same place most of the time. We’re going to remove all unnecessary frequencies from the modem, and only keep the frequency from the closest wimax antenna to your usual usage location. We’ll perform the steps on a Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem. The same can be done with any other modem, but the interface may be different.

Steps to Speed-up your Wimax modem:


  1. On your user interface, go to the settings, and then click advanced. For the Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem. The password is “admin”.
  2. Click Freq settings. Copy all preconfigured frequencies to a file, print them, tattoo them, anything you see fit to never lose them! In my case the frequencies were:

  3. Fill all frequency field with N/A (if you're not using Huawei Echolife BM325 WiMax USB modem just copy whatever is used to fill unused spaces). Except for the first field, fill the first frequency in it, in my case 2505000. Save then disconnect\connect. 
  4. Check if you can connect, also note the signal strength. 
  5. Start over with the next frequency, and note the results. 
  6. Choose the frequency that connected and gave you the highest signal. Copy it to the first field and save. 

    Speedup wimax Huawei BM325

    That's it, in my case, my modem now only takes a couple of seconds to connect, instead of the 10-20 seconds before the configuration. 
    Notice that your modem will not be able to switch to an alternative frequency if the closest antenna stops working, or if you move to a new location. If this happens, please restore the original frequencies that were preconfigured. 


    That's all about speeding up your wimax connecting speed. I hope you found this information useful. 

Speedup wordpress with caching

Have you been checking your blog’s page loading time? Well, you should. Google has announced that a website’s speed is one of the many factors used to calculate you PageRank, although it is not that heavy on the scale, it still can pull you down badly if you have a significantly slow website link mine. I have just recently finished speeding up my wordpress blog and I decided to share what I did with you.

Being slower than 88% of the websites is definitely bad. And this must have to do with the fact that most of my pages with ranks 3 or 4 got lowered to pagerank 1-2.

So before you start the speedup process make sure to collect some data about your wordpress blog so that you could appreciate the work you’ve done later. You can use services like to get an analysis of your current loading time.

How to speedup wordpress?


First things first, let’s cleanup our installation.

Remove all unnecessary plugins to speed up your wordpress website.

Plugins are nice, but good things always come with a price. Poorly made plugins run a lot of SQL queries, generate unnecessary CSS, and sometimes load external images and scripts that require DNS lookups and loading time.

Make sure not to leave more than one plugin for visitor stats. Also any plugin that need to look up within all posts for every page loading, like the “related posts” plugins.

Reduce your header size as much as possible.

Some themes and plugins write a lot of stuff to your header, CSS data, scripts, or even comments! Remember that nothing is displayed for your visitors until the headers are fully loaded. If you have some skills, try reducing these, using external files, if not. You may consider to change your theme and plugins.

Speedup wordpress by using caching plugins.

There are many plugins that can cache your pages into HTML files and load them to visitors later without having to regenerate the page again. This process is very efficient for websites with a lot of search engine traffic.

I would recommend W3 total cache . Not only it will take care of the caching, but it will compress your html, JS, and CSS files. So far it is working very well for me on a networked wordpress installation on a shared hosting (hostmonster).

The only downside to caching on shared hosting is the number of files. Caching will generate html files for each and every post and page on your blog. So if you have a huge number of posts, you may reach your host’s file count limit and risk account suspension as a consequence. But that is probably not your case.

The following are my results. Before and after I optimized my blog and used the caching plugin.

Before the wordpress speedup process.

Object type

Size (bytes)

Download @ 56K (seconds)

Download @ T1 (seconds)

HTML: 25412 5.26 0.33
HTML Images: 191370 44.54 7.41
CSS Images: 0 0.00 0.00
Total Images: 191370 44.54 7.41
Javascript: 246735 52.37 4.51
CSS: 4319 1.46 0.62
Multimedia: 0 0.00 0.00
Other: 0 0.00 0.00
Connection Rate

Download Time

14.4K 373.00 seconds
28.8K 191.70 seconds
33.6K 165.80 seconds
56K 103.64 seconds
ISDN 128K 38.95 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 12.88 seconds



Object type

Size (bytes)

Download @ 56K (seconds)

Download @ T1 (seconds)

HTML: 24455 5.07 0.33
HTML Images: 153211 36.13 6.41
CSS Images: 160 0.43 0.40
Total Images: 153371 36.56 6.81
Javascript: 85617 18.26 1.65
CSS: 0 0.00 0.00
Multimedia: 0 0.00 0.00
Other: 0 0.00 0.00


Connection Rate

Download Time

14.4K 211.58 seconds
28.8K 109.49 seconds
33.6K 94.91 seconds
56K 59.90 seconds
ISDN 128K 23.48 seconds
T1 1.44Mbps 8.80 seconds


This test was perfomed on one of my biggest pages, so the loading time is relatively large. Anyway the results of my wordpress speedup are around 30% improvements; the java scripts are considerably smaller, and the load on my server is much lower.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) – Reasons to Say NO

You must have heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). A bill that  aims to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods, by giving copyright holders the right to shutdown any US hosted website they claim infringing to their copyrights. for non-US hosted sites, the site will be restricted by blocking it from ISP DNS databases ( IP access may still be possible), also the site will be removed from US search engines (all search engines?) , prohibited from using US based payment solutions (paypal, most credit card gateways), and finally advertisers will be banned from placing ads in that domain (removal from Adsense and similar). The copyright holder wouldn’t even have to set foot in a court.

What if SOPA was to pass?

If this the Sopa bill was to pass, then we can all say goodbye to the internet we once loved. Webmasters will live in constant fear of pissing off the wrong corporation. most blogs, forums, social media, file sharing, will change or disappear, as merely linking to an infringing  website may open the gates of hell for the website owners. Allowing the US goverment to pass SOPA will ruin the internet for the entire planet.

You cannot let this bill pass. The DMCA ruined the internet once before and we can’t allow that to happen again. allowing SOPA is killing the Free internet.

MSCOMCTL.OCX for 64 bit Windows 7 & Vista




MSCOMCTL.OCX  is a windows file needed by many old application in order to control serial communications through the RS32 port. This OCX will not simply register as most of know, by placing it in the system32 folder and typing the command “regsvr32 MSCOMCTL.OCX”. With newer 64 bit systems it is a bit tricky. Here is how to do it

1. download the file here

2. Copy it to c:\\windows\\syswow64

3. type the following “Run” command :   “regsvr32 c:\\windows\\syswow64\\MSCOMCTL.OCX” and yes, you have to type the full path to the file, not just the file name.

4. That’s it, it should work now.

HyperTerminal For windows 7, How to get it

Windows 7 has removed our good old HyperTerminal, an utility used to as a terminal console over telephone or serial RS32 links. These all may seem like old features that need to be taken out and shot. But believe me, real geeks and communication professionals would love to have HyperTerminal back to windows.

Hyperterminal is not even available through the add remove windows features like telnet. To get it back you will have to follow one of these plans:

How to get HyperTerminal in Windows 7?

Option 1: copy hyperterminal executables from an XP machine to your Program Files > Windows NT these files are: hypertrm.exe and htrn_jis.dll, if you don’t have an XP machine near you, you may follow this link to get them


Option 2. Forget HyperTerminal, and start using PuTTY. PuTTy, is much better than Hyperterminal, it offers SSH and Telnet as well. And it is free.

That’s it, now you have your Hyperterminal features back.

Final Fantasy III for iOS, 5 reasons to love it.

I’m not a fan of 3D games of the iPhone, they’re slow, ugly, and not fun to control with the touchscreen, but when it comes to Final Fantasy, I’m always willing to make an exception, so I tried it, and I loved it. Final Fantasy III was a brilliant remake of the game that shaped today’s RPGs in 3D.

Final Fantasy III logo

So here are 5 reasons why you will love Final Fantasy 3

1. All the fun of a console Final Fantasy.

Except for the visual effects, Final fantasy III on the iOS will give you an experience identical to the one you loved on your game console, the story is there, the characters are all unique, leveling, humour. Everything that you would expect from an RPG. Final fantasy fans will not be dissapointed.

2. Speed and FPS.

One of the top reasons why I hate 3D games on my iphone 3G is the speed. 3D games usually get laggy, but not Final fantasy III. the game runs smoothly most of the time. even though the graphics in it are may be the best I ever tried on the iPhone.

3. easy controls with the touch screen.

Just swipe your finger any where on the screen to move the character, tap it to select, or pinch to zoom.

4.A full length Final fantasy experience.

Get ready for hours of battles, conversations, and menu navigation. FFIII is no mini game.


5. Switch jobs anytime.

Most console final fantasy games doesn’t offer this. Any character can become a warrior, a while, black or red mage, or even a thief, every job comes with a different look for every character.

So whether you’re a fanboy or not, Final Fantasy III for the iOS is a great game,

iphone Black screen DFU after upgrade with tinyumbrella

Got a black screen (DFU) after upgrading your iphone 3G S or 4 while having Tinyumbrella TTS server active? then welcome to the club. this is a commune mistake when using Tinyumbrella to evade itunes error 3194 .

 Error 3194 means that itunes was not able to get the correct blobs to upgrade your iphone to the version you want. Maybe becasue it is not the latest, or because that your hosts file is pointing to the cydia server which doesn’t have these blobs either. Anyway Tinyumbrella doesn’t give up when it has no actual blobs for the phone, instead it supplies itunes with a confirmation to upgrade while will ultimately give you a nice old iBrick.

Once in this DFU black screen mode, Tinyumbrella will not longer be able to save or get your blobs, which makes resolving this situation more complex. but don’t panic. you have three solutions.

How to fix iphone black screen after upgrade?

1. upgrade to the latest IOS with itunes, your idevice will work again, but it will most probably be updated to the latest firmware and baseband making jailbreaking and unlocking almost impossible (depending in your device). this is the easy way.

2. See if you can make/download a custom version of the latest version (the version which itune suggests when you click restore) that will save your baseband and jailbreak your device. then use it to upgrade without tiny umbrella

3. Use redsn0w’s Boot tethered now to kick your device our of DFU, then get your blobs with tinyumbrella or ifaith, and see which versions you can restore to. then  restore again with these blobs in tiny umbrella.

Error 404 after updating wordpress permalink with /blog

wordpress 404 It was a nightmare when I accidentally pressed update permalinks on my wordpress blog. A new /blog/ was added to all links leading all visitors coming from search engines to a 404 Page cannot be found error. Fixing this issue took me like 30 minutes jumping from one wordpress post to another. so I decided to write this, so that you may save your site from all the disgrace of a 404.

It all started when I copying my favourite permalink structure from one of my blogs (which was convereted to a wordpress multisite recently) to another, then I accidentally pressed update permalinks on the first blog, changing all links to include an addition /blog slug. for example:  will become

Fix iPhone caller ID name for SMS

I discovered this when I was going through my visitor statistics where I found that everyone is getting a 404.

The reason why this /blog this is hardcoded is to prevent conflicts of you had a category named as one of your other sites in a multisite wordpress installation.

I read that going to your Network admin / sites / setting and then removing the /blog from the Permalink structure would fix it. Well it didn’t. The /blog was removed from the links in the page, but clicking any link will still give you a 404 page cannot be found error .

after digging in deeper,any trying many things like the .htaccess file. I tried a plugin that is said to fix this wordpress permalink disaster. it didnt work at first. until I restored the /blog that I removed from the site settings.

This is nothing short of a wordpress glitch, the permalink structure did not change when I originally upgraded to multisite, and it worked great. but once I messed with the permalinks page, there was no going back but with a plugin


wordpress google search query display with widgetopia

Widgetopia wordpress widget plugin can detect the wordpress google search terms. and use them in a message that will get the user attention and encourage some action. To display the wordpress google search keywords using Widgetopia follow these steps.

1. Place the “Widgetopia: are you looking for” widget in a good spot in your theme. You can modify the default message and use HTML in it. for example this message will encourage visitors to subscribe to your feed

Stay up to date on  <font color=”red”>%search%</font>by subscribing to our RSS feed

You may add your RSS button below this widget or include your link in the message itself.

2. That’s it, now when a user comes to your site from google looking for “widgetopia”, he`ll see this message in the widget slot

  Stay up to date on  widgetopia by subscribing to our RSS feed

That’s it! you now can your wordpress google search queries to get more subscribers, likes, +1, or just stay longer on your site.

If you have found this useful please +1, it means a lot. thanks