Activating the sound front panel on Asrock motherboards

sometimes, after installing a new asrock motherboard, you will notice that the front panel is not working (either the MIC or the headset jacks). this problem is caused by the board failing to detect that your computer case does have a front panel and that it is connected.

To get around this problem and use your front panel, go to the BIOS settings and find the front panel detection setting and change it from auto to enabled. this will make the front panel jacks appear in your realtek audio manager.

This problem has been detected by Asrock and they released new BIOS versions that change the default setting to enabled instead of auto.

I used to love asrock, but not anymore, what about you? do you like the newer asrock MBs?

AMI BIOS Recovery

Did your BIOS upgrade went wrong? A computer with a corrupted bios is a dead computer, the best  it can do is to sound some alarm through the internal case speaker, the board can’t actually work with screen to write what’s going on.

There is some Black magic you can use to revive your computer, in fact when the bios is corrupted it does not only sound the alarm but also it check’s the floppy drive (who said floppies are extinct devices?) it is in fact looking for some files in the floppy to recover, and here we will learn how to make them.

first get  one or more floppies (you never know when will a floppy let you down) and find a working PC with a floppy drive.

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