WordPress Exit Box finally released!

I finally got around to making the final touches to my latest WordPress plugin: Exit Box. It was released an approved in CodeCanyon just a couple of days ago.

Exit Box is actually a remake of my previous release WordPress Exit Strategy. While Exit strategy will send outgoing links through the famous Exit Page, the latter uses a jQuery loaded Exit Box to display the exit page contents.

Wordpress Exit Box

Most of Exit strategy features were ported to exit page, including Share&pass, a feature that can allow a visitor to skip the redirection delay by clicking any of the social buttons included with the plugin (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)

While both plugins can be perfect for any uses, Exit Box will be smarter if you are using it to display a “you’re leaving our website” message. A visitor just close the box to return to the previous page. Exit strategy on the other hand will perform better with ads in general.

If you want to read more about WordPress Exit Box , please visit our CodeCanyon page.

TagGator Pro WordPress auto tagging plugin

I started developing TagGator back in 2009, initially I wrote it for personal use as I could not find a plugin to do the job. a little later I cleaned up a copy and submitted it to wordpress.org, it was approved and it got some very nice comments and feedback from the users. Now, alomst 3 years later, I started writing TagGator Pro.

TagGator Pro is an auto tagging plugin. it scans your posts for some keywords, and then tags these posts based on the result.

TagGator Pro


Other than what the free version offers, TagGator gives you the following features:

  •  Automatic tagging for new posts.
  • Scanning for multiple keywords per tag. (finding any of a set of keywords results in applying one tag).
  • Scanning Post titles for tags.
  • Works great with Feed aggregators and auto blogging solutions.


TagGator Pro is now available through CodeCanyon for only 12 USD. Get TagGator Pro now and never manually tag a post again!

TagGator wordpress auto tagging plugin

WordPress Exit Strategy.

You think you’re running your WordPress site at its full potential? So, what’s your Exit Strategy?

What happens when a visitor clicks a link to an external site? They just leave?? Then know that you’re leaving money on the table, losing potential customers, and wasting possible social bookmarks.

WordPress Exit strategy is a plugin to redirect all external links in your posts through an exit page. Your exit page design and contents is what sets your exit strategy. Place ads, social bookmarking buttons, and links. You can include the outgoing link in your exit page, auto redirect to it, or make it appear after a countdown timer.

Still don’t see why you need a WordPress Exit Strategy?

  1. Monetize outgoing links with ads on your exit page. Or offer them for rent on your favorite ads market.
  2. Get more social bookmarks. Place your social bookmarking links on your exit page. Gain an extra stream for social interaction.
  3. Protect your SEO score. Linking directly to external websites will leak some of your SEO points to the Linked page. WordPress Exit Strategy will protect you from this with its “nofollow” links.
  4. Offer alternative contents or websites, and you may bounce you visitor back into your website.

What’s the difference between the free, and Pro! Versions on WordPress Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy Pro!

Create your Exit Page



Automatically redirect to the link after a delay



Customizable redirection delay



Count down timer



Show a link after the delay runs out



Exclude selected posts



Shortcodes for Facebook & Google + buttons, for your post or entire site.



Process entire pages (including links in sidebars & footer)



Exclude specific links or websites



With Exit Strategy Pro, you’ll have extreme flexibility and full control over your exit pages.
Don’t waste any more time without an exit page! Get WordPress Exit Strategy Pro! Now, and start working on your exit strategy.
WordPress exit strategy is now available starting from only $35 $14.00. With the right exit page design and traffic, Exit Strategy will pay back for itself in no time!

Get Exit Strategy Pro! NOW

iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire


With less than half its price, Amazon’s Kindle Fire seems to be well capable of standing face to face with Apple’s iPad 2,

The device that until now, is considered the holy grail of tablet computers.

ipad 2
ipad 2
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire













First things first, let’s talk money:

The Price:

Kindle fire is now in pre-order for only 199$, where a 16GB wifi iPad 2 will cost you $536.16. Meaning that you can buy two Kindle fires, and still save 30 bucks for apps or so. There is no argument here Kindle fire wins on this point.

The Display:

iPad 2 comes with an unrivaled 9.7 inch screen, at a 1024-by-768 (0.7 megapixel) resolution, where the Kindle fire promises an elegant 7 inch at 1024-by-600 pixels. Don’t be fooled this doesn’t mean that Kindle fire’s screen will have a lesser quality image; the resolution difference only reflects the small difference in the screen width. The height of the displays is roughly the same. Both devices use IPS technology, and have multi-touch controllability. iPad 2 is the winner for this round.

Operating system:

While iPad 2 comes with the Apple proprietary iOS, Kindle fire brings you the widely used, Linux based Android 2.3 by Google. iOS has its fans, and I’m one of them. But unfortunately Android is better, iOS revolves around the App store, and will always try to block you from getting and installing apps that were not approved by Apple. On the other hand Android gives you more freedom, easier access and upgrades. More and more developers are moving towards Android because of its wide and growing user base. So Kindle fire is the winner when it comes to operating systems.


Both Tablets are engineered to be fast, each comes with a 1GHZ dual core CPU and 512MBs of RAM (much faster than my PC 8 years ago). So until I get to test Kindle fire for myself. This point will be a tie.


Wifi is available on both tablets, but iPad will win this one because it has Bluethooth, and optional 3G/GPS.


Kindle fire comes with no cameras, while iPad 2 gives you 2. One in the front for video Chat at 0.3 mp and a back camera at 0.7 mb (same as it’s screen size) they could have embedded a better camera, I mean for the price they if would be just fair to throw an 8 mp.

iPad comes with 16,32 or 64 GB of storage space, and Kindle fire only has 8 of them. But they offer you free cloud storage for the stuff you get from amazon. So again iPad 2 is the winner for this round.

If it wasn’t for the huge price difference, iPad 2 would still be the thing to get for the holidays. And if Kindle Fire did not actually beat the iPad 2, well it will kick the crap out of the other Android tablets on the market.

So what is it gonna be for you? iPad2, Kindle fire, or something else?


IF you are buying kindle fire, Hurry up and pre-order it today. It is expected to become out of stock by its release day of November the 15th

+1 if this was helpful to you. Thanks

I’m Alive

It’s not like if there was thousands of people longing for every update on angrybyte.com . But for all three of you that actually noticed and cared. I was not around for almost 5 months, no updates, no comments, no moderation. The reason is simple.

I live in Libya 🙂 , I’m not Libyan, but for some twisted reason I live there. Shortly after the beginning of the Libyan revolution on the 17th of February, the government closed the internet. and it was just reconnected a while ago as rebels took over Tripoli.

I never thought that I would sanely survive half a year without the company of Bytes flowing gracefully through my computer, but hey I’m still here.

There was also an incident related to another website on my hosting account that got angrybyte.com taken down for almost a month, I had to go undercover to a governmental facility to get Internet  and fix the issue, I was not discovered, arrested, or killed. Thank you.

Some might ask if it was all worth it, I may say yes. I could have left but I didn’t. It is truly a once in a life time to witness a revolution, a war, and an independence.

Thank you all of caring and I will start updating frequently very soon.

ImageShack Migration Plugin


A new WordPress plugin joins the family today, the name is “ImageShack Migration Plugin”

ImageShack Migration will transfer all current post pictures to imageshack.us, to help you save
on bandwidth, and make your pages load faster.

The plugin will be sent to the wordpress.org repo today. but mean while, it can be downloaded here

ImageShack Migration is very easy to use, just follow the instructions on the plugin’s page.

Please report any bugs, or improvements here.

Update: Hey, I think I won some kind on an award!!

I’ll leave you with a nice FAQ that I  just wrote.  I hope  you’ll like it

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