Ark Survival -sm4 mode

I have been playing Ark Survival evolved for a few months now, but I’m not impressed with the performance that I’m getting from my PC when running it. I read about the Ark survival -sm4 mode where you set this startup paramter to force the game to run in DirectX10 mode.

First right click Ark survival game in Steam and select properties,

Ark survival -sm4

In the Menu, select Set launch parameters.

ask sruvival evolved sm4 mode

Set the launch parameter to -sm4.


Save everything and start ark survival with -sm4 mode. I noticed a slight degrade in the graphics quality, but a signification increase in the frame rate.

2016-01-04_00002 2016-01-04_00004

Some users have noticed a decrease in some lighting effects, like the light of a thrown torch. so if that bothers you, just remove the -sm4 mode from Ark survival and play normally.