Black screen during cut scenes – Resident Evil 5

Many people using ATI radeon cards have reported that the screen turns black during the playback of cut scenes in Resident Evil 5.

This is yet again another screw-up from our beloved AMD (formerly ATI) programming team.

Resident Evil 5

To allow the cut scenes of resident evil 5 to play correctly, you must use the ATI Catalyst control center to disable “CATALYST A.I” and “ADAPTIVE ANTI- Aliasing AAA”.

If you still have a problem some people reported that reducing the frame rate limit from unlocked to 30 solved the problem, others said that upgrading Direct X helped.

If you still have a problem, let me know, we will work something out.

You may want to check another post I made concerning “how to play RE5 in co-op mode over LAN”  and other issues.

ATI Catalyst installer crashing when installing driver version 9.8

When I was installing the new Radeon driver v9.8 the installer kept crashing before the installation started on windows vista 64.

The solution is simple, just go here

and install the appropriate update for your system. This crash is related to some problems in the Visual C++ libraries and this fix will allow you to install this new version just fine.

Did you sense any improvements with the new CCC  9.8?

Radeon Catalyst and display driver 9.6 NEW

ex_08apr_dmm_radeon4890_gameA new driver is released for almost all recent Radeon display adapters. The following improvements are announced with this new driver

  • Company of Heroes – performance improves up to 25% with HD 4600 series products and below as well as improvements of up to 10% on HD 4800 series
  • Crysis – performance improves up to 13% in multi-GPU configurations
  • Crysis Warhead – performance improves up to 11% in multi-GPU configurations
  • World in Conflict – performance improvements of up to 30% can be seen in settings
    that were previously CPU limited

Also, some crashes and problems with the CCC has been fixed.

This is all great, but now in a time where AMD (ATI) cards are considered better than their equivalents in nVidia, I think it is time for AMD to stand up for the challenge and fix embarrassing bugs such as:

  • 3D graphics corruption in many games with Adaptive anti-aliasing enabled.
  • Games crash on minimize and resolution changes.
  • funny looking effects.
  • Buggy deinterlacing that actually make movies interlaced (scan-line effect)
  • V-sinc does not know when to turn on or off
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AMD (ATI) must work more with the developers and do more “Best played on Radeon” games. Also it is time to flood the market with DirectX 10.1 games, since no nVidia cards already supports it. and I’m not talking about crappy games such as Stormrise.

Radeon card are strong but I feel that this miss a Strong software support.

what do you think

Velvet Assassin transparent head fix

velvet_assassin_artThere is a bug in velvet assassin where the character’s head (and other objects in the game) appear transparent.

The cause of this bug is that the game is not compatibe with ATI “Adaptive Anti-Aliasing”, to fix this tranparency issue just disable that feature. you can find it in the 3d section in the catalyst control center (CCC)

This fix may also work on the same bug with GTA IV but I didn’t try it first hand.