SEO WordPress Theme

As we discussed in the previous post about how to SEO WordPress, Choosing a good SEO WordPress theme will help you get a better ranking.

To make this simple, I’ll say that you don’t have to get a premium theme to get the most of wordpress, and free theme can do it as long as it has the following Features:





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How to SEO WordPress – a simple guide to SEO and wordpress

WordPress is a perfect platform that is highly search engine optimized out of the box. However, knowing How to SEO WordPress and the many factors that can influence how well you rank on search engines is crucial to land your posts on the first page of results. Many of these factors can be easily manipulated to improve your blog SEO, and thus ranking better on Google, which will lead to more search engine traffic, and ultimately, more revenues.


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Kaspersky Anti-Banner, So unfair

Did you know that Kaspersky products have the ability to block banners? think this is a good thing right? Ok, if it would only block Big, noisy, gambling related ones.

This Kaspersky my dears is also blocking Google ads, like the nicest ads ever? ads that provide for poor webmaster kids.

This is so unfair you guys, having the ability to just enjoy the content provided by hard working webmasters for free without even allowing them the few cents they are expecting in return from you.

Isn’t that like stealing?

If you have a kaspersky product don’t enable the anti-banner. it is just not right

No more Clicksor!


You may have noticed that during the last month I was trying to include some Clicksor in this blog, I got the idea to try them when I found out at the Google Adsense webinar that it is ok to include some ads from other providers as long as they do not confuse the user to be Google ads.

Anyway, Today I’m removing all clicksor ads from this website for the following reasons.

1. Very low income. I tried some of the most successful clicksor ad forms, Interstitial Ads ads, in-text ads, and pop-under ads. For every dollar I made on ad sense, I made around 5-10 cents in clicksor.

2. contextual ads are too stupid, I have never seen it coming up with something smart, OK it will highlight the word “Play Game”, but when you “mouseover” it a small pop up will come with the dumb suggestion “Learn all about Play Game!!”

3.Interstitial Ads do not work most of the time, I use opera, and I often browse my own blog, but only once I have seen the Interstitial Ad in action, it took over the entire screen, and ,,, and,, and thats it, the screen remained white until i clicked a small button on top of the page to close it.

4.Floating ads suck, they do! , first, only 2 ads seemed to appear to me, one about Ad Onion, an ad service, and the other about some stupid mail filter, don’t expect much change in the ad, according to the page contents.

So for now, I’ll stick with Ad sense from Google until further notice.

Have you tried Clicksor? did you like it?

who the hell is ?

I keep on getting incoming traffic from this it is some website related to diets. the best thing is that when I go there, they have no links to my blog and are not using any traffic exchange program.

Also I also found that they are referring some people to my referral account on on

This is just weird

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

A great wordpress plugin to encourage comments

A very smart plugin that automatically generates a link to your commenter’s last post on their own blog!

This method will encourage more and more people to leave comments so that they gain a link from your website, some traffic, and a lot of LUV

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Audio and video comments for your blog!

Today I found a new wordpress plugin, it is called Riffly. This plugin allows users to add webcam or audio comments.

The best of all is that it is free, just download it and install it, not even an API key is required. They even have the kindness to keep all videos and audio files in their  own servers. You can check it out here .