iphone Black screen DFU after upgrade with tinyumbrella

Got a black screen (DFU) after upgrading your iphone 3G S or 4 while having Tinyumbrella TTS server active? then welcome to the club. this is a commune mistake when using Tinyumbrella to evade itunes error 3194 .

 Error 3194 means that itunes was not able to get the correct blobs to upgrade your iphone to the version you want. Maybe becasue it is not the latest, or because that your hosts file is pointing to the cydia server which doesn’t have these blobs either. Anyway Tinyumbrella doesn’t give up when it has no actual blobs for the phone, instead it supplies itunes with a confirmation to upgrade while will ultimately give you a nice old iBrick.

Once in this DFU black screen mode, Tinyumbrella will not longer be able to save or get your blobs, which makes resolving this situation more complex. but don’t panic. you have three solutions.

How to fix iphone black screen after upgrade?

1. upgrade to the latest IOS with itunes, your idevice will work again, but it will most probably be updated to the latest firmware and baseband making jailbreaking and unlocking almost impossible (depending in your device). this is the easy way.

2. See if you can make/download a custom version of the latest version (the version which itune suggests when you click restore) that will save your baseband and jailbreak your device. then use it to upgrade without tiny umbrella

3. Use redsn0w’s Boot tethered now to kick your device our of DFU, then get your blobs with tinyumbrella or ifaith, and see which versions you can restore to. then  restore again with these blobs in tiny umbrella.

Fix iPhone caller ID name for SMS

After I upgraded my iphone 3G to 4.2.1 I noticed that the SMS display only the sending number without the callerID or name. Changing the Regional Format did not fix the issue and I still had no names with my incoming SMS. An easy fix can be used to display sender names within the SMS app.

Do not waste your time modifying  your address book to match the format of the number shown with the SMS messages, it will fix the issue with SMS, but you will not be able to see the callerID name for incoming calls X)

For iphones with IOS 3.x or 5.x, just seach Cydia for the term “CallerID” you will find a Cydia app called callerid -format fix  for the needed IOS, but nothing for IOS 4. The solution is to take a leap of faith and install callerid -format fix 3.x on your 4.x device. it worked for me without any problems. Now my iphone shows the correct callerID name for all my SMS messages.

error 3194 when restoring iPad iphone Fix

Error 3194 is an iTunes error that you may get when trying to install a firmware to your iPad, iPhone or iPod. This error indicates  one of the following issues:

  • You are unable to connect to iTunes server.
  • You can connect to the server, but the ipsw version you are trying to install is not the latest version provided by apple.
  • You (or a third part software)  have  modified the hosts file in your PC to redirect apple server requests to the Cydia server. Which does not have SHSH blobs for the version you are trying to downgrade to.

If you are trying to upgrade, then you must have gs.apple.com point to apple, otherwise you will get error 3194.

If you are trying to downgrade, you must have it point to cydia server, AND have SHSH blobs saved there (you must had  version you are trying to downgrade to jailbroken, and opened Cydia on it). another option is to have these SHSH blobs saved on computer using tiny Umbrella. ipad error 3194

To find out if you have one of the first two problems. open your browser and try going to gs.apple.com. You should get a 404 page inside apple.com, if you find yourself in Cydia then you will have to navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and open the file called hosts. look for entries containing gs.apple.com.

Disable them with a hash if you need to connect to apple.


Another solution you may do is to use tiny umbrella, it WILL make error 3194 go away, but it may lead to a bad restore (black screen) after the restore is completed in case it didn’t have the correct SHSH blobs.


Portal 2 crashes to desktop – Fix it

Portal 2 Picture
Portal 2


This Bug causes Portal 2 to just disappear and return to the desktop. This bug is now fixed, all you need to do is to upgrade your game. Google Portal 2 update. and download the First update and install it Your Game should work fine now.

There is also a series of other updates (update 2,3,4,5) you may get these as well to upgrade to the latest version, but for me just the first fix stopped the game from crashing to desktop.


error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘kernel32.lib’ – Fix

When I tried to complie a simple C++ program with VC++ express,  I got this error error:

LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘kernel32.lib’.

Fixing it took me some time so I decideed to share how I fixed it.


In my case the problem was : messed up SDK versions

1. First Download and Process monitor, a simple but powerful tool from Sysinternal that was bought my microsoft

2. Next  run it and add the follwing filters.

Process name is VCexpress.exe include

Result is path not found include.

see the picture to check how its supposed to look like.

Process Monitor 3. Now compile your C++ program again. and check the results again. you will see all the paths were VC express looked for and did not find kernel32.lib

I assume that kernel32.lib is already there soewhere in your computer. it is just that VC is looking for it in the wrong place, so do a computer wide search for kernel32.lib.

Once you find it, and it is supposed to inside an SDK folder \ lib. copy the entire lib folder to one of the locations that VC was checking for the file. in my case it was C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A  (the problem was that stupid VC was looking in C:\Program Files(86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A)

4. Now compile again. It should work.

5. One last thing, hit the +1 button, and say thanks in the comments sections. then you are free to go code your eyeballs out in VC

iPhone 4.2.1 enters safe mode if apps switch – Fix


After upgrading my iphone 3G to 4.2.1, I noticed that it enters safe mode everytime an app tries to start another one. that goes for:

An app opening gamecenter, Safari, or Appstore. The solution I found was there on some websites, but it was very hard to find.

You will need to edit a plist file related to SpringBoard to fix this problem.


You have a couple of ways to access the file and edit it:

1. Using iFile. you can download it from cydia and use it to navigate to the file and edit it.

2. Install Open SSH, and SFTP  into your iphone and edit the file. you will need a computer to finish this one.



So the file is located at :


Notice that the file N82AP.plist is for the iPhone 3G, if you have a different version, the file name may differ.

Open the file and look for the following lines:


<true />

Copy these two lines and past them right after them. Just modify the 1 to 2 in the first line of the copied lines. The final result should look like this:


<true />


<true />

Save everything then respring (or restart if you will) everything should be working OK now.


If you dont know how to use iFile or SFTP into your iphone, please ask I’ll help.


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iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Wifi scan problem. Fix it!

I had this old iPhone 2G running on 3.1.3, jailbroken and unlocked. it was working fine but at some point wifi just stopped  functioning, it does not detect networks, and pops a message that it can’t  scan for wireless networks when you try to manually specify an SSiD.

Driven by the assumption that it was working fine before, I went and made a backup for it, downloaded a stock ipsw, and modified it with pwnage tools for MAC.

The sad thing is that wifi was still not working when I was done, and to sweeten my misery, stupid iTunes went and replaced that backup I made before the retore with a backup of the freshly restored device. babies cried hard that night, it was a sad sad night. I will write later on how I got “some” of my data back.

So back to the matter on hand. I’m with a wirelessless (no typo here 🙂 ) iPhone, not even installous to restore my old ipa apps.

I read at some websites that installing Push Fix, may solve the wifi issue. but with no Wifi and an expensive data plan that was a little tricky.

After some hours of struggling around deserted old furms and dead file sharing links I found my solution and it is called “Cyder”

Well, cyder will communicate with cydia on your iphone, and allow you to download cydia apps on your PC and place them in the Cydia auto install directory, where they will be installed when the iphone is rebooted.

first download Cyder, I have eased your suffering by updating QTCF.DLL inside cyder, and included i-fun-box which you may also find useful

Next, make sure that cyder is connected to your iphone (read the note in the status bar of cyder) and load cydia sources from the iphone to cyder then add the source http://cydia.pushfix.info

search for the package Push fix then right click it and install it with its dependencies, go to the download tab and start all downloads.

there is also another package called “Wifi Fix” inside the same source above, downlod it with it’s dependencies too, you can use it. You can also use use cyder to download the Cydia installer (update cydia), SBSettings, Installous, Winterboard.

Copy all files from Cyder cache to Cydia Autoinstall folder by dragging them within cyder. and restart the iphone.

once the iphone is started, DO NOT TRY ANYTHING YET, cydia is still working in the background installing all the stuff you requested, give it around 5 mintes, just to be sure. then try turning WIFI on. it should detect the networks now (Hurray) IF Safari claims that you are not connected to the internet, just retart the iphone. It worked then in my case.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is over. Wifi may still stop functioning again for some reason, it it does, just reinstall Push fix as you did now, and it should come back. I’ll update if I find a permanent fix for it.

iTunes 10.x Freezes when connecting iPhones. Fix it!

After upgrading to iTunes 10 and 10.2 I noticed that iTunes tends to freeze or hang as soon as I plug my iphone, it will resume working as soon as you unplug the USB connection. Or minutes after the device is connected, but it wouldn’t detect the device.

At first I thought it was a power issue, but then I realized that other software like i-fun-box works just fine.

After some digging I discovered that my “Kaspersky Antivirus” was conflicting with itunes in some way causing it to freeze. closing Kaspersky completely before connecting the device solved the problem for me.

Try closing any antivirus or security software you have, it may solve the issue

Bootlace crash immidiately after launch iPhone 3G – Fix


Bootlace is an app to run android on the iphone using the idroid project.

If Bootlace crashes after being started (sometimes you can even glance the checking compatibility message) on your iphone, then you are at the right place.

I struggled to discover that Bootlace is not a fan of Multitasking on the iPhone 3G. To get it started just disable whatever you used to enable multitasking on your phone, in my case it was “Backgrounder” I just opened it and set the backgrounding method to Off .

While you are here, Do you think that you could ever permanently convert your iphone into an Android?  Would that be worth it? I personally would stick with the IOS for another couple of years.

AlterIW iw_22.iwd file is incorrect – Fix it

Just a few unlucky guys  (like me)  get this error when trying to start Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II with AlterIW net.

“The main/iw_22.iwd file is incorrect

The problem with this error is that it does not give you any actual hint on how to solve this problem. The file is correct, try reinstalling from scratch but you will only be wasting your time.

Actually the problem is a networking one!!! no not a file mismatch or corruption. Just go here and follow the method the same that I used to play Resident Evil 5 on LAN

I quote this from that page :

On Vista, open the “Network and sharing center”

From the left pane select “manage network connections”

press the “ALT key” on your keyboard. the top menus will appear

Select “advanced settings” from the menu “advanced”

Use the arrows to move your LAN card up in the list then save everything.

Thats That my friend, Enjoy AlterIW and don’t cheat or noob tube.


If the method above is not working for you, maybe you can try the following methods:

RudeBoy method: I have two cards, one is broken, so I disabled it, that was the problem.

Nixan Method: MAC RESETTING (if you changed it before)

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections\

Open Local Area Connection Properties

Click Configure

Open Advanced tab

Select Network Address and check Not Present


If you have tried everything here and still have a problem, you probably have messed your iw_22.iwd, you can download the copy that is currently working for me here

Please continue to report if any of these worked for you, and if not how did you solve the problem.