Patriot Memory Flash Disk repair tool


This tool allows you to repair your Patriot Memory flash disk if you are unable to format it with any other method because it appears as Read-only.

This method performs a low-level format to the disk and remove the Read-only attribute.

This tool is not available from the patriot memory website, only the support guys can directly email it to you.

Here is a copy of the email a friend got from the support team on how to use this tool.

Dear Valued Customer,

Attached I have included a software that will low level format and re-initialize the device. Please keep in mind using this software will delete all the data on the drive and restore the drive to its original manufacturer stage.

Please make sure to detach all other flash drives and only have the Patriot Memory drive plugged in to your computer when using the utility.

The file name is been set to Once you download the file, rename to and use the software. Please be aware that this process can only be completed one time!

Patriot Memory Technical Support Team

I have successfully used this tool to repair a patrioit 8GB Xporter. the downside is that according to the support team this tool can only be used once for every flash disk for some reason.

Here is the download link. Patriot Memory
please report about the results of using this tool

Good luck

Browse on your windows mobile phone

logoUnlike other methods to view youtube videos on your windows mobile phone, this method does not involve a video player, nor a downloader. This is a browser that is able to display flash player 7,8, and 9 contents on any website including youtube.

With this browser you can really browse youtube, login, leave comments, vote, as if you were on a real computer.

Other than youtube, this browser is capable of displaying any flash or java based website, including chat, online gaming, etc.

This browser is called Skyfire and it is completely free!

the touch screen version offers a very smart controllability, double click to zoom, hold to right click, and drag to scroll. it kinda reminds me of the iphone.

The downside of this browser is a relatively slow rendering compared to Opera (it will take some seconds before the page is correctly rendered after a zoom). video playback is relatively slow, ┬áit can’t do tab browsing and there is not much options to configure.

There is also a version for symbian phones but I didn’t test it

A free pocket PC app to run flash animations and games

I called it “Angrybyte SWF loader” It is a free software I made to allow you to freely run and SWF flash animation on your pocket PC.

You can load these flash files on low or high quality according to your PPC capabilities.
This software will open a whole new world of intertainment on your Pocket PC, later I will write a post on how to extract SWF games from websites.

You can download and see more info about pocket PC SWF loader here