Microsoft’s Vision of the Future

Microsoft has released a new video describing its vision of our digital life 5 years from now. The video features multiple aspects of how we will communicate, interact and share in every day’s life.

According to this video, Touch based application, 3D graphics, and real time collaboration will be the future of computing. Most of the technologies shown in this video are based on real technologies already available today.

So sit back, relax and enjoy, a sneak-peak from your future.




1 Year of AngryByte

That’s it! turned 1 !

It’s as if it was yesterday when I posted my first article on how to play network games online.

Since then we have discussed many subjects such as games, hardware problems, windows hacks, anime, and fun stuff.

During this first year has constantly grown in both posts and visits, the chart below shows the total number of visitors per month


Here are a few statistics about this first year:

Now with this second year I promise you more advanced articles more hacks and more fun.

What would like to see on AngryByte? what would you like gone?

Thank you for your visit and I hope to see your IP in my logs again 🙂

Fix corrupted or missing hair in The Sims3

sims hair

Let me guess, you have  a stat of the art ATI  graphics card and you are shocked by the corrupted or transparent geometries in “The Sims3” specially the characters hair.

The reason is a malfunction in your graphics card’s “Adaptive anti-aliasing “. Open Catalyst control center and disable “Adaptive anti-aliasing”.

This same features caused a similar problem with Velvet assassin that I discussed before .

You can also read about the ATI driver and some of my thoughts about it here

Fix Dark sector crashing when changing resolution

Dark sectorDark sectorDark sector crashed on me everytime I tried to change the resolution from the default 800X600 (Yes this game does not even try to behave (configure) itself in front of my 4890 OC ) to 1680*1050.

Thye solution is simple open the game’s installation folder, open the subfolder called Configs, double click the file DS.cfg, then click select a program to open it. From the list choose “Wordpad” and hit ok

The configuration file is now open, just modify the following two lines to match the your preferred resolution


save and exit wordpad

Congratulations, now you can play the hi-res version that you deserve.

Fixing Mirror’s Edge return to main menu bug

There is a bug with version 1 of Mirror’s Edge game that causes the game to to exit to it’s main menu.Mirror's EdgeMirror’s Edge

I experienced this bug in two locations, the first after being chased by the cops after meeting Faith’s sister, the second is after climbing a pipe after running away from the helicopter in the next level.
You can easily correct this by upgrading mirror’s edge to version 1.01 using EA downloader or by downloading the patch from here

“Dirty mode”

Simply adds a button that transforms this:

A nice post

This plugin will transofrm your boring post into a nice good looking post, and this my friend is what every man is looking for

into this

A sweet post
This plugin will transofrm your whitebread post into a sweet kool lookin’ post, and this my amigo is what every dude is lookin’ for

this plugin will bring a new life to your old posts, get you more comments and interaction, and certainly make your blog funnier to read

I’ll try to submit it to but I wonder if it is going to be accepted.

Anyway you can download it here.
This is an alpha release, so comments and ideas are highly appreciated

Thank you!

A free pocket PC app to run flash animations and games

I called it “Angrybyte SWF loader” It is a free software I made to allow you to freely run and SWF flash animation on your pocket PC.

You can load these flash files on low or high quality according to your PPC capabilities.
This software will open a whole new world of intertainment on your Pocket PC, later I will write a post on how to extract SWF games from websites.

You can download and see more info about pocket PC SWF loader here