who the hell is acai-health-diet.com ?

I keep on getting incoming traffic from this www.acai-health-diet.com. it is some website related to diets. the best thing is that when I go there, they have no links to my blog and are not using any traffic exchange program.

Also I also found that they are referring some people to my referral account on on webhostingpad.com

This is just weird

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

“Dirty mode”

Simply adds a button that transforms this:

A nice post

This plugin will transofrm your boring post into a nice good looking post, and this my friend is what every man is looking for

into this

A sweet post
This plugin will transofrm your whitebread post into a sweet kool lookin’ post, and this my amigo is what every dude is lookin’ for

this plugin will bring a new life to your old posts, get you more comments and interaction, and certainly make your blog funnier to read

I’ll try to submit it to wordpress.org but I wonder if it is going to be accepted.

Anyway you can download it here.
This is an alpha release, so comments and ideas are highly appreciated

Thank you!