Fix corrupted or missing hair in The Sims3

sims hair

Let me guess, you have  a stat of the art ATI  graphics card and you are shocked by the corrupted or transparent geometries in “The Sims3” specially the characters hair.

The reason is a malfunction in your graphics card’s “Adaptive anti-aliasing “. Open Catalyst control center and disable “Adaptive anti-aliasing”.

This same features caused a similar problem with Velvet assassin that I discussed before .

You can also read about the ATI driver and some of my thoughts about it here

Velvet Assassin transparent head fix

velvet_assassin_artThere is a bug in velvet assassin where the character’s head (and other objects in the game) appear transparent.

The cause of this bug is that the game is not compatibe with ATI “Adaptive Anti-Aliasing”, to fix this tranparency issue just disable that feature. you can find it in the 3d section in the catalyst control center (CCC)

This fix may also work on the same bug with GTA IV but I didn’t try it first hand.

Shaun White Snowboarding Crashing on PC

swsDoes Shaun White Snowboarding Crashing right after you start it? Do you have Core i7 ? If yes, then please know that the genius behind this Dec-2008 game did not bother to make it compatible with intel core i7.the latest CPU technology. . Thumbs down on this one UBISOFT

You can always go to you boards BIOS and disable Hyperthreading technology. Some claim that it will you allow you to run the game but with very low performance. Me I will never change no bios settings for no game. Period

What about you?

play Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X on DirectX 10.1

Tom Clany's H.A.W.X DX 10.1Tom Clany’s H.A.W.X DX 10.1This game is the first game I know that has a DirectX 10.1 mode, anyway it is a little tricky to activate it.

First, I don’t  know of any nVidia card that has DirectX 10.1  support, too bad for the new expansive nvidia 200 series owners. ATI 4800 series a fully compatible.

Second you must have Windows Vista Service pack 1 installed, not even the regular vista will do. Sorry.

Now you must have the game correctly installed and working, you maybe have noticed that there is a disabled DirectX 10 tab in the video options of the game, this trick will enable it as well.

Instead on running the game normally (double clicking the icon) right click it then select “Play Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X DX10”, (You can also browse to the game’s installation folder and open HAWX_dx10.exe instead of HAWX.exe )

You are good to go, now you can enable DirectX 10.1 from the new directX 10 menu in the game’s video settings.

This has been tested and found working on my ATI 4890.

Fix Dark sector crashing when changing resolution

Dark sectorDark sectorDark sector crashed on me everytime I tried to change the resolution from the default 800X600 (Yes this game does not even try to behave (configure) itself in front of my 4890 OC ) to 1680*1050.

Thye solution is simple open the game’s installation folder, open the subfolder called Configs, double click the file DS.cfg, then click select a program to open it. From the list choose “Wordpad” and hit ok

The configuration file is now open, just modify the following two lines to match the your preferred resolution


save and exit wordpad

Congratulations, now you can play the hi-res version that you deserve.