Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands, Stuck behind a closed door?

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands along with many other UBISOFT games are now using a new DRM protection, the idea behind it very smart, instead of just protecting the game by DVD checks, hardware codes, and encryptions, each of which became just a pass-time for hardcore crackers like SKIDROW, RELOADED, or ViTALiTY. Now the protection method is to hide some small parts of the game inside a server, which checks the validity of your game before allowing these portions of the game to execute. this is the secret behind the new notice on the games “This game requires a permanent internet connection to play”

In the case of prince of Persia , the aspects of the game that are controlled by this server are :

– Levers logic
– Door timing
– Upgrades
– Abilities
– XP & Levels
– Area codes

so in case your connection to the server fails any of these may become problematic or behave unexpectedly.

So if you are stuck behind a closed door, you may want to check your internet connection, that is of course if you are not using the early cracked version by SKIDROW that has reported this bug and that was fixed in their later released crack fix.

Needless to say, as the gamers are furious against this new type of protection many of them started attacking the game servers with thousand of denial of service attacks, in the goal to make games unplayable even for rightful owners, and by that forcing the companies to refrain from using this protection method ever again.

Are you with or against this new DRM?

Connecting to IWnet… Am I banned? ALTERIWNET

Many of you must have heard about the alteriwnet, for those who didn’t, it is an alternative network to play Call of Duty : Modern warfare II. which has come as a reaction to the lack of dedicated server support on this new COD.

What is good about this network is that cheater can be easily reported and banned from the game ( I hope they would do the same to gl noobs as well).

When you are banned from the network, the game will display a message “Connecting to IWNet…” and never connects.

If you haven’t cheated,  (( now have you? >:(  )) but you got this message then it could be one of the following:

– Someone has reported you because of a personal problem.

-Someone else using your computer DID cheat and got busted.

For the two above you will have to file a complaint to the alteriwnet forums and see what you can do.

Now for the things that can block you game from connecting even though you are not banned

-You have installed and running Hamachi

-You have installed and running Tunngle

-You have installed an inactive network card

-Your windows mobile phone is connected to your computer 🙂

simply go to the “network adapters confuguration” on your cmputer whatever the hell you kids call it today, (on XP: network connections, on Vista:Manage Network Connections, and on 7: confirgure network thingy) And disable every network card excep for the one that is providing you with Internet access. If the game still doesn’t work then your ass is banned or you simply do not have internet access.

To know more about how you can get AlterIWnet visit

Go any altenative reasons not to be able to connect? share them here!


Hi, you must have noticed the Pacman game that Google pleaced in the logo area on

In case you are wondering, this is not a flash game, as a matter of fact this is simply a PNG picture that is being maniplated by a java script

The Java script that is running the games is located here

Now, let’s pull some strings and try to link the game to this page…

FAILED, I’m not yet able to port the game here without copying it 🙁 any Ideas?

Mass Effect 2, 7 reasons why I love it

Unlike Dragon age: origin, that I really hated and reviewed here,I’m really loving one,although it is made by the same developer BioWare. 7 reasons why I love this game are as follows

1. High details models. the characters, ships, and weapons are of a very high graphical quality. everything is rendered with high quality textures, check our the picture below for Miranda, a girl from the game.

2. A huge world to discover. Many cities to visit, Many galaxies to fly to, each of which is very distinctive. It’s true that the map is not open, there is no real connected world, but this is not GTA you should not be expecting that. take a look at the picture below from the “after life” a bar in the Omega city (or planet I don’t really know ) .

3. Great conversations, most of the time you can choose alomst any conversation option, it is very rare to see a conversation option that is unreasonably very rude . each option you make will somehow affect the rest of the conversation, the mission, or the game. No matter how you chose to play you will always end up wanting to see what would happen if you choose differently.

4. You actually have a Voice!!, unlike dragon age origin, the developer here went all the way to record every conversation voice with all options for male and female characters!!  we would still be happy if some conversations were text only, but thanks anyway!!

5.Your actions will define exactly how you will evolve, you can choose between Renegade and Paragon actions, even the scares on your face will heal faster if you only do nice actions.

6.The action game play is not the best out there, but it’s still pretty decent for a role playing game, the shooting action, not very great, but you can pull some spectacular powers to make up for that.

7. The storyline is solid, it stays interesting for all the way, it’s true that it very rarely get funny, but you will stay interested to know what will happen next.

Anything I forgot? don’t you agree with me? put your comments below 🙂 Game of the year

Game spot dot com decided on the best game of the year, the winner is a game that I didn’t know, it’s called  Demon’s souls. It looks really great, check it out here

But you know what sucked? Dragon Age:Origin won the PC game of year award! can you believe it? after all I said about it? I guess nobody  listens to me anymore 🙁

What about Borderlands, COD WM2, Or even RE5?

The gamer choice awards will be announced tomorrow I guess, we will see who will win this time.

6 things I hate about Dragon age: Origins

Some of the many things that I hate about the game called “Dragon Age: Origin”:

  1. Bad retarded graphics.

The graphics in this game are basically bad, they try to cover things up with some blur and full screen effects, but the result still sucks. Most of the objects in the game world are have low geometry. Check out my comments in the picture below:

2. PS1 like magic spells.

In a game of this genre, I always expect to see cool spells and magic effects. Well in this game most of the spells remind me of my old PlayStation one. Even there the Magic in Final fantasy IX was pretty spectacular. See an example in the pic below:

3. Crappy combat system.

As I usually do, I chose a mage as my main character in the game, for a start, your character will not respond to an attacker unless you ask him to, and then you will basically have to press “1” or “2” on your keyboard to lunch a spell, then you will have to wait until some count down is over to get to do the same spell again. And that, my friend is no fun.

4. Limited movement possibilities.

You are only allowed to walk in specific regions, don’t dream about crossing water, or even touching it. I think that the animation of footsteps in water is too complicated for our gurus here.

5. Bad long conversation and non-sense replies.

Every time you engage in a conversation, you will be given the chance to choose what to say from 3 or 4 options, most of the time, 1 option will make you sound gay, and the other 3 will make you a total jerk. They should have learned from “Rise of the Argonauts” when each conversation option is influenced by the teachings of some Greek god, and hence each answer is rational and reflects a well specific personality. But here you are just too rude or too nice.

6. You will never get to hear your part of the conversation.

I think that recording multiple conversations in multiple voices was just too troublesome for the developers of this game. But my problem is, why did you decide to record to other part of the conversation? It would be just ok with text conversations as it is in many other role playing games.

Are you a dragon age : Origin fan ? come on! get our of here, or at least tell us what you like about this game.

Did I forget some other things? come on lets make these the “100 things i hate about DAO”

Black screen during cut scenes – Resident Evil 5

Many people using ATI radeon cards have reported that the screen turns black during the playback of cut scenes in Resident Evil 5.

This is yet again another screw-up from our beloved AMD (formerly ATI) programming team.

Resident Evil 5

To allow the cut scenes of resident evil 5 to play correctly, you must use the ATI Catalyst control center to disable “CATALYST A.I” and “ADAPTIVE ANTI- Aliasing AAA”.

If you still have a problem some people reported that reducing the frame rate limit from unlocked to 30 solved the problem, others said that upgrading Direct X helped.

If you still have a problem, let me know, we will work something out.

You may want to check another post I made concerning “how to play RE5 in co-op mode over LAN”  and other issues.

Playing Resident Evil 5 over LAN

A great feature of the new Resident evil is the Co-Op mode where you can allow another player to join your game other LAN or the intenet.


The problem is that the game does not allow you to select the network card to be used as a LAN card, it will just choose the default card even if it was a USB modem or so.

So if you have trouble finding you LAN game session. try pressing “Home” in the game menu, from the Live popup menu click settings then Network information. Make sure that the default LAN adapter is your actual LAN network card. If not, here is how to change it.

On Vista, open the “Network and sharing center”

From the left pane select “manage network connections”

press the “ALT key” on your keyboard. the top menus will appear

Select “advanced settings” from the menu “advanced”

Use the arrows to move your LAN card up in the list then save everything.

You should be able to find your LAN sessions now. if not you will have to disable\disconnect all adapters but your LAN adapter.

There has been a big fuzz about this game being racist, its true that this is one of the rare games that allows you only to shoot black people…. and dogs. but this is just a game right? you have shot thousands of white people in the previous versions of RE it would seem ok to shoot few infected black people? I think that just bringing up racism is racist? what do you think?

Bully – Scholarship edition bug. unfinite loading solution

Bully - scholarship editionBully Scholar ship edition has a known bug that causes an infinite loading screen in the beginning of the game before visiting the principle’s office. The solution is simple. Just upgrade the game using the last patch from Rock* and the loading will completely go away. The patch can be downloaded here
What do you think of Bully? do you think it is OK to make such games?

Play Guitar Hero World Tour vocals on PC with any microphone


Normally, Guitar hero: World Tour for PC will not allow you to play the vocals mode unless you have a compatible USB microphone. but thanks to the trick I discovered, you will enjoy playing guitar hero with any headset microphone you have. Just follow the steps carefully.

This method is provided as is with no guarantees that it will work and/or effect your computer in any way.

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