Removing Rocksmith guitar noise

I started playing Rocksmith 2014 Edition shortly after i got my first  Squier by Fender BulletStrat w/Trem, Brown Sunburst
electric guitar, the game is amazing, you’ll learn to play your best songs all while enjoying a guitar hero like experience. The only problem that I faced was the constant static noise coming out of my guitar, even when no strings are being played. I came up with a few methods to help you overcome this problem.

1. Always calibrate:

when you start the game and notice the annoying static humming sound, go to the tuner and select the calibrate tool, after asking you to play all strings loudly, it will ask you to mute the strings, the trick is not to keep your palm on the strings, just silence them, and immediately remove your hand, it will help the game identify your noise level and reduce it.

2. Reduce the recording device volume:

it the noise is still too loud, minimize the game, and go to the recording devices (under the sound menu in the notifications area) find tyhe rocksmith input device and reduce its level, I used to set it around 25. remember to recalibrate after doing this.

3. The best solution that I came out with: use a UPS with a voltage regulation function:

I got myself an APC BR1000G Back-UPS Pro 1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply , although I got it for an unrelated reason, I noticed that the noise is almost gone when playing rocksmith! it makes sense, because actually the source of the noise is most likely the AC power line, the UPS regulates the voltage level and reduces the line’s white noise.

The UPS method also works without Rocksmith!, I used to have a lot of buzzing and humming even when playing directly on an amplifier, plugging the amplifier through the UPS significantly reduced the noise, even when overdrive is active. it actually worked better than my BEHRINGER NOISE REDUCER NR300
noise reducing pedal.