SBSettings: Best Cydia apps review


Probably one of the best Cydia apps ever, SBSettings is a must have for all jailbroken iDevice owners.

SBSettings is used to toggle anything On or Off. where ever you are. For example, you can switch Wifi on and turn off 3G or edge without leaving your application. Or you can switch between Edge and 3G to save your battery or increase internet speed. You can also use it free up some extra memory on the fly!.

SBsetting can be downloaded from Cydia, just open it and search for it. No need to add any extra sourses, it will be there. You might also look up some extra toggles while you’re at it to enable toggling extra stuff.

To use SBSettings, make sure that Cydia is off ( it won’t show up otherwise) then swipe your finger across the top status bar (this can be changed through Activator).

You can also search cydia for some extra SBSettings themes, to change the look and feel of it.

SBSettings - top Cydia apps

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error 3194 when restoring iPad iphone Fix

Error 3194 is an iTunes error that you may get when trying to install a firmware to your iPad, iPhone or iPod. This error indicates  one of the following issues:

  • You are unable to connect to iTunes server.
  • You can connect to the server, but the ipsw version you are trying to install is not the latest version provided by apple.
  • You (or a third part software)  have  modified the hosts file in your PC to redirect apple server requests to the Cydia server. Which does not have SHSH blobs for the version you are trying to downgrade to.

If you are trying to upgrade, then you must have point to apple, otherwise you will get error 3194.

If you are trying to downgrade, you must have it point to cydia server, AND have SHSH blobs saved there (you must had  version you are trying to downgrade to jailbroken, and opened Cydia on it). another option is to have these SHSH blobs saved on computer using tiny Umbrella. ipad error 3194

To find out if you have one of the first two problems. open your browser and try going to You should get a 404 page inside, if you find yourself in Cydia then you will have to navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and open the file called hosts. look for entries containing

Disable them with a hash if you need to connect to apple.


Another solution you may do is to use tiny umbrella, it WILL make error 3194 go away, but it may lead to a bad restore (black screen) after the restore is completed in case it didn’t have the correct SHSH blobs.


Top Cydia apps – The Best 10 Cydia apps.

Cydia apps can be much more useful than itune’s. Because as you know, they do not have to comply to Apple app store’s terms and conditions, which are very strict by the way, and limit the possibilities to the iOS. From all of these, I give to you a list of the Top Cydia apps.

Many people know cydia just as the tool to get the ultrasn0w unlock, and maybe installous. But cydia apps are way too many, and many of them are MUST HAVE for a better iphone, or iPad experience.

My list of 10 free Top cydia apps.

Cydia apps picture

1. SBSettings: swipe your finger across the status bar to access many useful features like: toggle wifi, 3g, and data networks,  free up your RAM , respring or restart. This is one of the top Cydia apps for me.

2. Installous: a great app to try iphone apps. although it may not be legal.

3. iFile: get full control of your i device, iFile is a great file manager, something Apple thinks that we’re too n00by to handle.

4. dTunes, a nice itunes alternative, browse the internet download your music and movies, and just enjoy them. isn’t life wonderful?

5.  Bootlace: Install Android on your iphone!! a great app to show off to your freinds, although this cydia app can be dangerous because it rewrites you bootloader, read carefully the instructions before you install it. It’s great what cydia apps can do with the iOS.

6.Mobile theater: a great collection of movies , music and TV series to download and watch on your i device .

7. Backgrounder: Enable mutitasking on your iphone 3G. something Apple blocked for some reason, but cydia apps came to the rescue.

8. Winterboard: Modify you i device GUI as you please. change themes, sounds, whatever. without this cydia app we would be stuck with the stock iphone theme.

9. Mx Tube: download youtube videos and watch them whenever you want. this reminds me of the WM feel of the old days.

10 QuickReply to SMS: reply to your sms with an overlay form that can be used whatever you are doing with your iphone at the time.


I have a feeling that I forgot somthing in this top cydia apps list that definitely should be here…  Any ideas?

steve jobs

Steve jobs chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. and father of the iPad, iPod, iPhone died today at the age of 56.

steve jobs picture has announced the sad news today with this message.

“Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being,” the text read. “Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

We are all sad here for the loss of such a brilliant man, and we send our warm condolences to his family and friends . Rest in peace Steve Jobs

iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire


With less than half its price, Amazon’s Kindle Fire seems to be well capable of standing face to face with Apple’s iPad 2,

The device that until now, is considered the holy grail of tablet computers.

ipad 2
ipad 2
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire













First things first, let’s talk money:

The Price:

Kindle fire is now in pre-order for only 199$, where a 16GB wifi iPad 2 will cost you $536.16. Meaning that you can buy two Kindle fires, and still save 30 bucks for apps or so. There is no argument here Kindle fire wins on this point.

The Display:

iPad 2 comes with an unrivaled 9.7 inch screen, at a 1024-by-768 (0.7 megapixel) resolution, where the Kindle fire promises an elegant 7 inch at 1024-by-600 pixels. Don’t be fooled this doesn’t mean that Kindle fire’s screen will have a lesser quality image; the resolution difference only reflects the small difference in the screen width. The height of the displays is roughly the same. Both devices use IPS technology, and have multi-touch controllability. iPad 2 is the winner for this round.

Operating system:

While iPad 2 comes with the Apple proprietary iOS, Kindle fire brings you the widely used, Linux based Android 2.3 by Google. iOS has its fans, and I’m one of them. But unfortunately Android is better, iOS revolves around the App store, and will always try to block you from getting and installing apps that were not approved by Apple. On the other hand Android gives you more freedom, easier access and upgrades. More and more developers are moving towards Android because of its wide and growing user base. So Kindle fire is the winner when it comes to operating systems.


Both Tablets are engineered to be fast, each comes with a 1GHZ dual core CPU and 512MBs of RAM (much faster than my PC 8 years ago). So until I get to test Kindle fire for myself. This point will be a tie.


Wifi is available on both tablets, but iPad will win this one because it has Bluethooth, and optional 3G/GPS.


Kindle fire comes with no cameras, while iPad 2 gives you 2. One in the front for video Chat at 0.3 mp and a back camera at 0.7 mb (same as it’s screen size) they could have embedded a better camera, I mean for the price they if would be just fair to throw an 8 mp.

iPad comes with 16,32 or 64 GB of storage space, and Kindle fire only has 8 of them. But they offer you free cloud storage for the stuff you get from amazon. So again iPad 2 is the winner for this round.

If it wasn’t for the huge price difference, iPad 2 would still be the thing to get for the holidays. And if Kindle Fire did not actually beat the iPad 2, well it will kick the crap out of the other Android tablets on the market.

So what is it gonna be for you? iPad2, Kindle fire, or something else?


IF you are buying kindle fire, Hurry up and pre-order it today. It is expected to become out of stock by its release day of November the 15th

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