Removing Antivirus killer viruses

A new wave of virus such as Win32/Sality and many others attacks almost every famous antivirus and sabotages it in every possible way.

I have seen Kaspersky antivirus 7, Kaspersky 2009, norton 360, and mcafee burn to the ground because of these attacks.

The irony is that in some cases even the antivirus executable gets infected

The solution I found to clean your sorry system is as follows:
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Virus preventing kaspersky antivirus from starting

Some new viruses have the ability to prevent kaspersky from starting, and from ever being installed.

The solution is simple go to the kaspersky installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009)

Find AVP.exe (not and rename it to anything else, for example avpx.exe

start it! now it should work and take care of the virus preventing it’s start, if it didn’t find the virus quickly update it and perform a full scan.
If kaspersky still can’t be started, reinstall it, or just buy another antivirus.