Best Antivirus for 2013, Buy BitDefender 2013 or Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

If you’re wondering what antivirus is best to buy for 2013, you’re at the right place. We have looked around for many alternatives and ended up with two options: you can buy Bitdefender 2013 today for  69.59 USD, or buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 for  54.95$

Is it worth it?

While you can get many other alternatives under 20$ , buying  bitdefender 2013, or Kaspersky internet security 2013 is probably the right choice. take a look at this chart:

why buy bitdefender 2013

As you can see the gap between Kaspersky –  Bitdefender and other competitors is unignorable,  Bitdefender is leading in terms of protection, repair and usability, closely followed by Kaspersky.

The following  chart is also taken from, and it shows that Kaspersky: Internet Security 2013 has full marks in protection and repair, followed by Bitdefender which lost half a point on matters of protection:

kaspersky 2013 vs Bitdefender 2013


I personally have been a fan for Kaspersky for many year and that will be my choice for 2013. but that’s just me, as I already have experience working around kaspersky, for anyone who doesn’t or have a limited IT skills, I would definitely recommend you to buy BitDefender 2013

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iTunes 10.x Freezes when connecting iPhones. Fix it!

After upgrading to iTunes 10 and 10.2 I noticed that iTunes tends to freeze or hang as soon as I plug my iphone, it will resume working as soon as you unplug the USB connection. Or minutes after the device is connected, but it wouldn’t detect the device.

At first I thought it was a power issue, but then I realized that other software like i-fun-box works just fine.

After some digging I discovered that my “Kaspersky Antivirus” was conflicting with itunes in some way causing it to freeze. closing Kaspersky completely before connecting the device solved the problem for me.

Try closing any antivirus or security software you have, it may solve the issue

enable File and printer sharing with Kaspersky internet Security

Kaspersky is a nice antivirus, but when comes to network and internet security, I don’t like it that much. one of the problems that many people have after installing kaspersky internet security or Kaspersky Pure, is the loss on file and printer sharing.

Well this is because Kaspersky will put all of your network as “Public networks” by default, and you will have to manually go through the settings to set it as a Trusted network to regain connectivity with the rest of the network.

To Do this:

1. Right click KIS icon and select settings, if you have pure, then open it then click “My computer protection” then settings.

2. Hit Firewall then settings.

3. Click networks, find your active network (it should not be grayed out if it is active) right click it and set it as a trusted network.

4.Save everything.

That’s it!

I would have loved it if a small message showed up saying, “well, someone is trying to reach your printer, do you wana allow him?  [Sure!] [Nope]

Kaspersky Anti-Banner, So unfair

Did you know that Kaspersky products have the ability to block banners? think this is a good thing right? Ok, if it would only block Big, noisy, gambling related ones.

This Kaspersky my dears is also blocking Google ads, like the nicest ads ever? ads that provide for poor webmaster kids.

This is so unfair you guys, having the ability to just enjoy the content provided by hard working webmasters for free without even allowing them the few cents they are expecting in return from you.

Isn’t that like stealing?

If you have a kaspersky product don’t enable the anti-banner. it is just not right

Kaspersky PURE, what is so pure about it?

I recently installed Kaspersky pure, It sure is a Kaspersky, meaning great protection against Virus, especially exotic ones that can make other anti-virus application run in circles.

I can think of a couple of things that I’m starting to hate in this version, and here is a little list of them:

1. Parental control, XD , come on you can do better, a 9 months baby can find his way around this security, just use a browser other than IE or FireFox  and you are off the hook.

2. Back-up : this will just collect multiple versions of all the crap in your HD and and squeeze it into backups, eating up you HD space. If you need a backup solution this can still work, but if you’re just a home user with almost nothing to lose 😉 you don’t need this.

3. Where are all my settings? Kaspersky is slowly turning into a Norton, I can’t  find the settings that made kaspersky so special over the years, no sliders to increase / decrease scanning  strength, no scanning by file type, just plain prison meals, either enable your G D protection or disable it and go to hell. Actually the settings are there, you just have to dig deeper to reach them SRY

4. Password Manager. Kaspersky used to sell this as a stand alone application, without much success I guess. The Idea is that this application can import password from several application (No Opera guys) and encrypt them and receive new passwords entered into IE or firefox, or other application. You can confirm you identity to used stored passwords by typing a master password, by a bluetooth device, or other biometric devices. to me, this is just another icon in my status bar, and another window asking me to enter a password on every boot, plus if get get so friendly with this application then you wont be able to move past Kaspersky products for the rest of your life, or you will have to buy the standalone version of the password manager, but I’m not sure about the export capabilities of this passwords manager.

5. System tuneup XD Hurray!! you need someone to clear your browsers cash? what about cleaning the temp folders? this is the app for you. to be honest, this can come in handy if you have your browsers settings messed up  by some Virus, other than this this is useless.

6. Tight network security: so tight, it will kill all your network and printer shares, you will have to run around the settings for hours to get everything up and running. This is probably why I only use Kaspersky Antivirus and not internet security.

Finally I miss the days when kasper used to scream like a  pig giving birth when it catches a virus, the Pure vision of the product is just not suitable for the repel antivirus Kaspersky used to be.

Norton 360 complete removal

Since the begining of times, Symentec products has always had some of the worse uninstallers in the galaxy, back in the days, you could currupt your windows installtion trying to simply uninstall Norton 2000, now 10 years later, the Virus decetion pioneers still have problems building their uninstallers, maybe they think that you will not be removing their baby once you install it, that is just not right.

Anyway, I tried removing Norton 360 today to take the new Kaspersky PURE for a test drive, after running the norton uninstaller, rebooting and running the kaspersky installer, BAM, kaspersky reports that there is another antivirus installed and it needs to be manually removed to complete the installation, and was no other than our beloved Norton. Anyway to fully put Norton 360 out do the following:

1. Run the Norton 360 uninstallers from  the “Programs and features” in the control panel and reboot.

2. Run the Live Updte uninstaller “Programs and features” in the control panel and reboot (or not).

3. Open the registry editor and find the following keys:


I wouldn’t say delete these keys (that can backfire in the future), just rename them to something like “NortonXXX” and “SymantecXXX”

Now, you can run your other anti-virus installer without problems.

Speaking of Norton 360, it is true that it does not remind you that it is there every second, you rarely even notice it, it will update, scan, backup automatically and do what has to be done. But the downside is: if it is unfair to call it a blind antivirus, then calling it eye-crossed is saying the least, even fully updated, this piece of software will not be able to detect many many viruses and malware even if you click them. Furthermore, the version that I had did not even have a “right click : scan” option on any file of drive, you will just have to rely on the real time scanner, that will fail you sooner or later.

Bottom line is, steer clear of Symentec products, or remove them and get a Kaspersky while it is still your choice.

Fix Windows Vista black desktop on Startup


This problem causes windows to startup to a black screen, with only the “Documents” folder open, once you close it, the screen is all black, no start menu , no background, no icons.

The causes of this are not very clear to be but i suggest that it is related to some form of new virus or malware.

To correct this do the following:

– On the black desctop screen, hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc

-The tast Manager will appear, from the file menu, select run and write “explorer” without the quotations.

-Your computer will load the start menu and will work correctly.

Until now, we still haven’t fixed the problem, the next time you boot your computer , you will have to repeate the same procedure.

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Speed up your computer while using Kaspersky antivirus

If you have a multi-core processor, (with hyper-threading  at least) you give your computer a little speed boost by limiting the antivirus and any other security firewalls to use only one core.

To do that simply identify the antivirus process from the task manager (avp.exe for kaspersky), then right click it and select  set affinity.

deselect all but one core.

Thats it!

set affinity to antivirusset affinity to antivirus

This method may work with other antiviruses, but I just tested it on Kaspersky 2009

Removing Antivirus killer viruses

A new wave of virus such as Win32/Sality and many others attacks almost every famous antivirus and sabotages it in every possible way.

I have seen Kaspersky antivirus 7, Kaspersky 2009, norton 360, and mcafee burn to the ground because of these attacks.

The irony is that in some cases even the antivirus executable gets infected

The solution I found to clean your sorry system is as follows:
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Virus preventing kaspersky antivirus from starting

Some new viruses have the ability to prevent kaspersky from starting, and from ever being installed.

The solution is simple go to the kaspersky installation directory (usually C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009)

Find AVP.exe (not and rename it to anything else, for example avpx.exe

start it! now it should work and take care of the virus preventing it’s start, if it didn’t find the virus quickly update it and perform a full scan.
If kaspersky still can’t be started, reinstall it, or just buy another antivirus.