Android ES File Explorer cannot access shared folders on Windows 7

It was working for me  just fine, accessing shared folders from my windows 7 desktop from my android phone, tables, and TV set box was something I do everyday. But then it stopped, ES File Explorer; my favorite android file manager, has started showing errors saying it cannot connect, I blamed the explorer it self, my router, my firewall, antivirus,sharing settings. it took me hours to get to the root cuase of why all of a sudden android can no longer connect to my shared folders (while other windows based computers can).

android access shared folder windows


The first step to the solution was to use terminal emulator on my phone to confirm that I can still ping my desktop from my phone, and it worked. the next step was to use wireshark on my computer to see what exactly is ES file explorer asking of my computer, and what is it replying to it. I found incoming messages in SMB protocol (samba) my phone requests to access samaba shares on my computer, then windows replies with “Out of memory”!, after doing some digging I found that this is a common issue in windowes and it is solved by a registry change.

open regedit and the go to the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters Look for IRPStackSize, if you dont see it, then create it by Clicking Edit, then New, and then click DWORD Value 32. Type IRPStackSize as the name, and then press ENTER. Note that IRPStackSize  is case sensitive. edit it and set the value to 12, then restart your computer. give your computer a few seconds to finish loading then try acessing your shared folder from your android device using ES file explorer. it should work, if you’re lucky.

iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Wifi scan problem. Fix it!

I had this old iPhone 2G running on 3.1.3, jailbroken and unlocked. it was working fine but at some point wifi just stopped  functioning, it does not detect networks, and pops a message that it can’t  scan for wireless networks when you try to manually specify an SSiD.

Driven by the assumption that it was working fine before, I went and made a backup for it, downloaded a stock ipsw, and modified it with pwnage tools for MAC.

The sad thing is that wifi was still not working when I was done, and to sweeten my misery, stupid iTunes went and replaced that backup I made before the retore with a backup of the freshly restored device. babies cried hard that night, it was a sad sad night. I will write later on how I got “some” of my data back.

So back to the matter on hand. I’m with a wirelessless (no typo here 🙂 ) iPhone, not even installous to restore my old ipa apps.

I read at some websites that installing Push Fix, may solve the wifi issue. but with no Wifi and an expensive data plan that was a little tricky.

After some hours of struggling around deserted old furms and dead file sharing links I found my solution and it is called “Cyder”

Well, cyder will communicate with cydia on your iphone, and allow you to download cydia apps on your PC and place them in the Cydia auto install directory, where they will be installed when the iphone is rebooted.

first download Cyder, I have eased your suffering by updating QTCF.DLL inside cyder, and included i-fun-box which you may also find useful

Next, make sure that cyder is connected to your iphone (read the note in the status bar of cyder) and load cydia sources from the iphone to cyder then add the source

search for the package Push fix then right click it and install it with its dependencies, go to the download tab and start all downloads.

there is also another package called “Wifi Fix” inside the same source above, downlod it with it’s dependencies too, you can use it. You can also use use cyder to download the Cydia installer (update cydia), SBSettings, Installous, Winterboard.

Copy all files from Cyder cache to Cydia Autoinstall folder by dragging them within cyder. and restart the iphone.

once the iphone is started, DO NOT TRY ANYTHING YET, cydia is still working in the background installing all the stuff you requested, give it around 5 mintes, just to be sure. then try turning WIFI on. it should detect the networks now (Hurray) IF Safari claims that you are not connected to the internet, just retart the iphone. It worked then in my case.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that it is over. Wifi may still stop functioning again for some reason, it it does, just reinstall Push fix as you did now, and it should come back. I’ll update if I find a permanent fix for it.

enable File and printer sharing with Kaspersky internet Security

Kaspersky is a nice antivirus, but when comes to network and internet security, I don’t like it that much. one of the problems that many people have after installing kaspersky internet security or Kaspersky Pure, is the loss on file and printer sharing.

Well this is because Kaspersky will put all of your network as “Public networks” by default, and you will have to manually go through the settings to set it as a Trusted network to regain connectivity with the rest of the network.

To Do this:

1. Right click KIS icon and select settings, if you have pure, then open it then click “My computer protection” then settings.

2. Hit Firewall then settings.

3. Click networks, find your active network (it should not be grayed out if it is active) right click it and set it as a trusted network.

4.Save everything.

That’s it!

I would have loved it if a small message showed up saying, “well, someone is trying to reach your printer, do you wana allow him?  [Sure!] [Nope]

AlterIW iw_22.iwd file is incorrect – Fix it

Just a few unlucky guys  (like me)  get this error when trying to start Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II with AlterIW net.

“The main/iw_22.iwd file is incorrect

The problem with this error is that it does not give you any actual hint on how to solve this problem. The file is correct, try reinstalling from scratch but you will only be wasting your time.

Actually the problem is a networking one!!! no not a file mismatch or corruption. Just go here and follow the method the same that I used to play Resident Evil 5 on LAN

I quote this from that page :

On Vista, open the “Network and sharing center”

From the left pane select “manage network connections”

press the “ALT key” on your keyboard. the top menus will appear

Select “advanced settings” from the menu “advanced”

Use the arrows to move your LAN card up in the list then save everything.

Thats That my friend, Enjoy AlterIW and don’t cheat or noob tube.


If the method above is not working for you, maybe you can try the following methods:

RudeBoy method: I have two cards, one is broken, so I disabled it, that was the problem.

Nixan Method: MAC RESETTING (if you changed it before)

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections\

Open Local Area Connection Properties

Click Configure

Open Advanced tab

Select Network Address and check Not Present


If you have tried everything here and still have a problem, you probably have messed your iw_22.iwd, you can download the copy that is currently working for me here

Please continue to report if any of these worked for you, and if not how did you solve the problem.

Connecting to IWnet… Am I banned? ALTERIWNET

Many of you must have heard about the alteriwnet, for those who didn’t, it is an alternative network to play Call of Duty : Modern warfare II. which has come as a reaction to the lack of dedicated server support on this new COD.

What is good about this network is that cheater can be easily reported and banned from the game ( I hope they would do the same to gl noobs as well).

When you are banned from the network, the game will display a message “Connecting to IWNet…” and never connects.

If you haven’t cheated,  (( now have you? >:(  )) but you got this message then it could be one of the following:

– Someone has reported you because of a personal problem.

-Someone else using your computer DID cheat and got busted.

For the two above you will have to file a complaint to the alteriwnet forums and see what you can do.

Now for the things that can block you game from connecting even though you are not banned

-You have installed and running Hamachi

-You have installed and running Tunngle

-You have installed an inactive network card

-Your windows mobile phone is connected to your computer 🙂

simply go to the “network adapters confuguration” on your cmputer whatever the hell you kids call it today, (on XP: network connections, on Vista:Manage Network Connections, and on 7: confirgure network thingy) And disable every network card excep for the one that is providing you with Internet access. If the game still doesn’t work then your ass is banned or you simply do not have internet access.

To know more about how you can get AlterIWnet visit

Go any altenative reasons not to be able to connect? share them here!

Internet, files and printers sharing on a windows 7 computer

Windows 7 has brought a change in the Windows handles Internet sharing ( internet sharing is one computer is connected to the internet and the rest of the computers on the LAN connects to it to get online).
For windows XP and Vista, internet sharing is achieved by setting the IP of the computer’s network card to then enabling a DHCP internal windows service to provide IP addresses to the rest of the computers. Windows 7 uses the following IP address instead : I don’t know what’s so cool about 137 other than the fact that it is not zero, which is the sub network used by many network admins and that could create conflicts when a used starts internet sharing.

to get Windows 7 to share an Internet connection, just right click the modem/ network card that is connected to the internet select properties then sharing, enable sharing to your LAN, that’s it.

Things get more complicated if you try to share a windows 7 internet connection through a wireless access point. Usually access points have a dedicated network port to be connected to the internet source (that is the case with D-link). if you just plug that into your computer it will not work, not only because of the fact that you will need to use a crossover (needs testing to confirm) to switch the send\receive lines. but also you will be unable to get file and printer sharing normally from the server computer. because the IP that your computer is proving the access point will be considered a WAN IP, and the access point will not be able to DHCP the client computers to the same IP range as the WAN IP.

The solution here is to place a switch between the wireless AP and the computer, with DHCP off. the AP will get the wan IP from your computer, something like, then with the AP’s DHCP it will assign IPs in the range of to other wireless clients.

to get file and printer sharing you will need to directly connect to the server computers IP, as it will not appear as a regular computer in your network.

to create a shortcut to the server’s shared files :
right click your desktop, select new then click shortcut
for the address write :

If you have file sharing enabled through your windows 7, you will be able to access shared files and printers.

I also have another approach that is not that catholic, and that is to place a normal network cable between the AP’s LAN ports and the switch. this will create an irregularity where the AP tries to assign an IP to the server, and the server already has an IP and that is the WAN IP of the AP, if you are lucky, your server will appear as a regular computer with other wireless clients, but this is a very unstable method and I wouldn’t recommend it.

I also noticed that file sharing speed through this method is not that great, I will look some more into that.

Any Ideas, thoughts or discoveries? please share 🙂

Playing Resident Evil 5 over LAN

A great feature of the new Resident evil is the Co-Op mode where you can allow another player to join your game other LAN or the intenet.


The problem is that the game does not allow you to select the network card to be used as a LAN card, it will just choose the default card even if it was a USB modem or so.

So if you have trouble finding you LAN game session. try pressing “Home” in the game menu, from the Live popup menu click settings then Network information. Make sure that the default LAN adapter is your actual LAN network card. If not, here is how to change it.

On Vista, open the “Network and sharing center”

From the left pane select “manage network connections”

press the “ALT key” on your keyboard. the top menus will appear

Select “advanced settings” from the menu “advanced”

Use the arrows to move your LAN card up in the list then save everything.

You should be able to find your LAN sessions now. if not you will have to disable\disconnect all adapters but your LAN adapter.

There has been a big fuzz about this game being racist, its true that this is one of the rare games that allows you only to shoot black people…. and dogs. but this is just a game right? you have shot thousands of white people in the previous versions of RE it would seem ok to shoot few infected black people? I think that just bringing up racism is racist? what do you think?

Network printing trough a password protected PC


Some times you must use a printer connected to a computer that requires entering a password to access the shard documents and printers.

Lets assume that the printer is already shared from the other computer and added as a network printer in your computer. but when you try to print an error is returned.

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