Android ES File Explorer cannot access shared folders on Windows 7

It was working for me  just fine, accessing shared folders from my windows 7 desktop from my android phone, tables, and TV set box was something I do everyday. But then it stopped, ES File Explorer; my favorite android file manager, has started showing errors saying it cannot connect, I blamed the explorer it self, my router, my firewall, antivirus,sharing settings. it took me hours to get to the root cuase of why all of a sudden android can no longer connect to my shared folders (while other windows based computers can).

android access shared folder windows


The first step to the solution was to use terminal emulator on my phone to confirm that I can still ping my desktop from my phone, and it worked. the next step was to use wireshark on my computer to see what exactly is ES file explorer asking of my computer, and what is it replying to it. I found incoming messages in SMB protocol (samba) my phone requests to access samaba shares on my computer, then windows replies with “Out of memory”!, after doing some digging I found that this is a common issue in windowes and it is solved by a registry change.

open regedit and the go to the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters Look for IRPStackSize, if you dont see it, then create it by Clicking Edit, then New, and then click DWORD Value 32. Type IRPStackSize as the name, and then press ENTER. Note that IRPStackSize  is case sensitive. edit it and set the value to 12, then restart your computer. give your computer a few seconds to finish loading then try acessing your shared folder from your android device using ES file explorer. it should work, if you’re lucky.