How to recover Opera Wand passwords

Opera was a great browser, but I decided to let go of it a few months ago. The only problem was that I was using Opera for a very long time, and I was depending on its wand feature to store all my passwords, now I’m stuck because I don’t remember many of those passwords, and some of them are tricky to reset (PayPal for example), so I came up with a method to reveal or uncover the wand passwords into clear text.

First you’ll have to use Opera and open the website with the stored wand password, for example Then click the wand shortcut (ctrl + enter) or click the log-in button (key symbol)

opera password recovery wand

Quickly, stop the page loading after the wand username and password are added in the page.

Now the password is loaded on the page as dots ….. , the next step will be to reveal them as text.

right click the password field and select “Inspect elements”

On the developer console that appeared on the bottom of the page find the line below (it should be already selected if you right clicked the password field when you selected inspect element)

opera wand reveal the password In that line change the following ( type=”password” ) to (type=”text” )

Now for the ahhhh moment, your password should now be visible in clear text in the password field, read it, remember it, and just walk away.

opera password uncovered

Goodbye Opera

I’ve been an Opera browser user for far more than I can remember (I’ve used it on a dial-up line if you want to get an idea), Opera was one of the first applications that I download when I get a new computer, it was one software that is never closed on my home PC, it was the safe for my digital life, but today and thanks to the new version 15 I’m ready to say #goodbye-Opera

So why did I stick with Opera for so long?

It’s not like opera was the best browser, it has its flaws, mostly compatibility issues, slow scrolling, slow startup, memory eating. But still I loved it, first of all because of the password manager (the wand),  which can get you enslaved to it if you use if for long enough, many times I read a website that I have no idea of ever being on before, and clicking ctrl-enter would simply get me in! sometimes I wondered if the passwords were carried from a previous life of mine. The Opera Link system which was added recently made the password manager just unbeatable.

The second thing is that Opera is not a very popular browser, it is not IE, FireFox or Chrome. most of the black hat techniques of passing scripts and pop-ups would just fail to get to you, just becasue these people didn’t bother with working on the Opera compatibility of their techniques. Also the page element blocking feature was a great addition, you can simply hide the annoying ads on the pages you visit frequently.

And last but not least I loved Dragonfly, the Opera developer troubleshooting utility, for me it “was” much better than Firefox’s or Chrome’s one, I think many devs would agree.

What was so wrong about Opera 15?

Where to start! The password manager is gone!! they have changed to a new Firefox like “save password” feature which will only save one password per page, and it can’t be synched with Opera Link, I know that this is most likely to be fixed in future version but to hell with it, no version of Opera should have been released without it.

Also where is CTRL-ENTER ???????? I was shocked to see that it is not working on the default configuration, every browser that I have ever used had it, why would you take it away? do I have to feel awkward every time I want to open a website??

Somebody also must have stepped on the DragonFly! Also the Developer tool have changed for worse, it is not just an unpleasant version of Firefox’s Firefly. what ruined it for me was the removal of the” click to select” in the element debugger. which is what I loved most about it

Last but not least, bugs, bugs, bugs, I guess nobody tested Opera under a bad internet connection, for example when you try to type a link, most of the time it would just open a blank page deleting everything you wrote.  I don’t want to talk about Youtube cause that will be just sad.


I know that most of these issue may be solved in future version, but I’m taking this opportunity to recover from My Opera addiction and move to a solid browser that I can rely  on. I chose Google Chrome, What’s your daily used browser?


Recovering passwords deleted or overwritten in Opera

I personally suffer from a very bad memory, sometimes I wonder if I still have one. For that I rely too much on the Opera wand to save my passwords. the bad thing is that sometimes, and by mistake you overwrite a good password that was stored. and you can’t remember what it was.

Unfortunately, opera does not backup your passwords, and to recover this precious password you will have only one hope, and you will have to running windows Vista or 7..

1. Close Opera

2. Navigate to  E:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera  and find the file wand.dat.

3. right click it, select properties and select, “restore previous versions”

4. if you are lucky, there should be a previous version of the file dating before the date where you overwritten the password.

5. Overwrite the current file with the recovered one.

Open Opera, you should have your password back!

I think you also do this to recover deleted history, deleted bookmarks, etc. you will just have to recover the right file

Use Opera unite to access thousands of shared music and video files

If you don’t know what is Opera Unite, then you can read some more about it here or visit the official website here

Today we will discuss how to use Google to access the media and data files that other Opera unite users are sharing after their permission to have their shared files indexable by Google.

To keep things simple I will set a few links that will give you direct access to Google search results.

1. Streaming music files
2.Streaming Video, Audio, and downloadable PDFs
3. Any shared files.
4. Shared Pictures

5.  Acess to self hosted websites click repeat the search with the omitted results included. to show all results.

Clicking  repeat the search with the omitted results included. will increase the number of results because Google tends to assume that multiple results are repeated.

Some of the results you will try to access will be offline, this means that the computer hosting the application is currently off, or Opera is not running.

Please carful while accessing self hosted website, there is no way to know the kind of material that can be hosted there. Also do not download suspesious or pirated apps from other’s computers, this can be very dangerous.

To have your opera services indexed by Google and publicly accessible, do the following.
1. register with opera unite and prepare all the application you want to share.
2. Right click each of the applications that you will be sharing and select properties.

sharing is caring3. click on the advanced settings arrow, then check “make application visible to search engines”.

4. If you wish for your files to be publicly viewable, please remove the password protection. to do so open the admin tab of the application that you sharing and click “Public” then save your settings.

sharing is caring 2 that’s it!

It’s of course obvious that your internet bandwidth will be affected if you are sharing huge files that are publicly accessible, and let’s not neglect the risk of virus infection if you were smart enough to open a publicly accessible “File Inbox”

Please do not do illegal stuff with the info provided here. Opera gave us a good thing, let’s not ruin it!

Feel free to post your Opera unite applications links (and passes if any) here.

Opera Unite

Opera unite is a new service provided with the latest Opera browser 10.10. The idea is simple, you create an Opera account, and to that account, you can connect multiple computers (say: Home , Work, Notebook etc) and on each of these computers, you can install applications to do various things, like file sharing, or music streaming!


Other than that, you can connect to your friends computers, check the pictures they are sharing, leave them notes on the fridge (a note sending service is literally called fridge) , or listen to their music.

You can password protect your shared services to increase your security, but on the other hand you can go public and make the files you are sharing appear on search engines!

Another great feature of Opera Unite is the ability to provide a web server. You can host your own website on your computer without stressing over network related issues (static or dynamic IP, port forwarding etc). Opera will provide you with a URL that will give you direct access to your website from anywhere. I think I will write more on some applications of this very soon.

Many more applications are also available, like video streaming, group spreadsheet editor, file inbox and I expect much more to be available soon.

If anyone cares about testing the new Opera Unite as a group, please write your request here.