iPhone 4.2.1 enters safe mode if apps switch – Fix


After upgrading my iphone 3G to 4.2.1, I noticed that it enters safe mode everytime an app tries to start another one. that goes for:

An app opening gamecenter, Safari, or Appstore. The solution I found was there on some websites, but it was very hard to find.

You will need to edit a plist file related to SpringBoard to fix this problem.


You have a couple of ways to access the file and edit it:

1. Using iFile. you can download it from cydia and use it to navigate to the file and edit it.

2. Install Open SSH, and SFTP  into your iphone and edit the file. you will need a computer to finish this one.



So the file is located at :


Notice that the file N82AP.plist is for the iPhone 3G, if you have a different version, the file name may differ.

Open the file and look for the following lines:


<true />

Copy these two lines and past them right after them. Just modify the 1 to 2 in the first line of the copied lines. The final result should look like this:


<true />


<true />

Save everything then respring (or restart if you will) everything should be working OK now.


If you dont know how to use iFile or SFTP into your iphone, please ask I’ll help.


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