Super-hide a file

There are hidden files and super hidden files, hidden files are visible if you select “show hidden files and folders” from the folder options. To see a super-hidden file you will have to select “show hidden files and folders” and deselect “hide protected system files”

Showing super-hidden files
Showing super-hidden files

To super-hide a file do the following:

If you are familiar with DOS skip the first 5 steps and just DOS browse to the folder with the files to be hidden.

  1. right click the folder with the files to be hidden and select new->shortcut
  2. in the shortcut location type “cmd” , press next then finish.
  3. right click the created file and select properties
  4. empty the field start in. and press OK.
  5. start the created file.
  6. in the black screen type

attrib *.* +h +s +r       To hide all files


attrib *.txt +h +s +r     To hide all .txt files.

Later, to unhide the files open the created file and type

attrib *.* -h -s -r

Thats all.

Feel free to comment if anything goes wrong