Browse on your windows mobile phone

logoUnlike other methods to view youtube videos on your windows mobile phone, this method does not involve a video player, nor a downloader. This is a browser that is able to display flash player 7,8, and 9 contents on any website including youtube.

With this browser you can really browse youtube, login, leave comments, vote, as if you were on a real computer.

Other than youtube, this browser is capable of displaying any flash or java based website, including chat, online gaming, etc.

This browser is called Skyfire and it is completely free!

the touch screen version offers a very smart controllability, double click to zoom, hold to right click, and drag to scroll. it kinda reminds me of the iphone.

The downside of this browser is a relatively slow rendering compared to Opera (it will take some seconds before the page is correctly rendered after a zoom). video playback is relatively slow,  it can’t do tab browsing and there is not much options to configure.

There is also a version for symbian phones but I didn’t test it

Free calls from cell phone to cell phone

Recently, many mobile applications where developed to enable VOIP call between cell phones,
Currently Only Symbian OS mobile phones and iPhone support voice calls,  other java enabled phones still can IM, send voice messages and pictures for free!

One of the many applications in this domain is Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz has 2 versions one for java enabled phones and one for symbian OS phones.

Both versions support IM between Nimbuzz phones, IM with Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and others, Sending Voice messages and directly from camera pictures. Also nimbuzz can Buzz a friend that is not currently running the software telling him that someone is waiting for him on nimbuzz, Also you can start international calls with the price of local calls if Nimbuzz had a server in your country.

The symbina version of nimbuzz adds the possibility to start and internet VOIP calls for free (only internet download fees apply)

Also nimbuzz can be useful to backup your phone contacts on the application server, and then restore them on another phone!.

You can check out the Nimbuzz website here