How to apply Facebook profile picture filters & overlays

Applying Filters, Overlays or frames to your social media profiles  to show support or compassion with current events has recently became a global viral trend, so we’re here today to show you how to find and apply profile filters to your Facebook or other social media accounts.

Facebook itself rarely makes any profile picture filters available, so we’ve have looked around for the best sources where you can get profile filters and we found

the concept is pretty simply, so here it is in 3 simple steps:

3 steps to get Facebook Profile Picture filters


go to , browse and select your cause, it can be a country’s flag, a game, or some other event or holiday.


Step 2:

Connect your facebook Account: just click connect when it asks you to, facebook will show you its usual confirmation page telling you this app will not be able to post on your behalf, which is good.

Step 3:

Get your filtered profile picture! you can download it, share it, or send it directly to your Facebook wall.



Update: if you’re here for Haiti profile filters, they now have them on cheer-share, just click the link and apply it.


Happy filtering