Google wave is now open!

Everyone is now free to create a Google wave wave account, jost visit and login with you Google ID.

Now I will be trying the Google wave imbed function, see if it will work here !!

Your invitation to preview Google Wave!

Google wave has entered the preview phase!! Testers are now able to give away 20 invitations!!

This is a copy of the email i got on this regard

Thank you for signing up to give us early feedback on Google Wave. We’re happy to give you access to Google Wave and are enlisting your help to improve the product.

To accept your invitation, sign into Google Wave at the following link*:
(If you do not have a Google account, you will be prompted to create one)

Once you’ve signed in:
Check out the videos and example waves
Invite others to join you

Happy waving!
The Google Wave Team

For help, please visit

* This link will only work for one invitation to Google Wave, it cannot be shared!

I will be giving like 5 invitation to my top geeky friends, so I still have 15 invitation to give away. If you want one, just ask for it nicely in the comments section below, i will be picking 15 random people to give the invitations too.
Good luck

Invitation to google Wave!

Yesterday I got an invitation to google Wave by email:


You are being sent this mail because you requested access to the Google
Wave Developer Sandbox. If you would still like a Google Wave Developer
Sandbox account, please fill in this linked form:

After filling in this form, you should receive a mail with your account
details within a few days.

Hope to see you on Google Wave soon,

– The Google Wave Team

I tried it on Opera and IE 7 and 8 and it was very buggy and slow. I will try it on Google chrome today, stay tuned for updates on this matter.

Did anyone else recieve invitations yesterday or today? did you do anything yet.

Update 1: First Picture of Google Wave. exactly as they presented in the IO conference

Google waveGoogle wave

I did start a wave, but nothing fancy yet, I’m looking up google wave API programming, I WILL BE BACK,