R.I.P Megaupload. it was a good run.

If you are wondering what the internet would look like if SOPA / PIPA where to pass, then take a look at this pretty screenshot taken today from the homepage of megaupload.com a 1 click file hosting website. One may argue that Megaupload.com was loaded with copyrighted material: movies, games, software, that are all available for download for free illegally, at the same time, Megaupload was making tons of money selling premium accounts and displaying ads to millions of daily viewers. But the thing is: why megaupload? how is it any different from rapidshare, filefactory, and hundreds of similar websites? Megaupload, like every other website took down any file after receiving a claim from a copyright owner, and that’s how all file hosting solutions survive. Was Megaupload just the first of many to come? will we still have any free file hosting service after all of this is over?

At least Megaupload got it good, they went to court, they got a lawyer, and they had their chance. But what of the rest? what will happen after SOPA (stop online piracy act) is in effect? man we should really get used to the sight of this FBI notice.

The elite hackers group Anonymous retaliated to the shutdown of megaupload by attacking the Depatement of justice, the FBI and some other copyright websites.

Many megaupload users are  furious for the loss of their legal contents and their subscriptions money,while users of other started packing their belonging stored with other  less than fully legal file hosting services.

This is just pre-taste of the bitter days to come,  where no information is safe, where websites get imploded into oblivion with the snap of a corporate finger. Rest in peace Megaupload, it was a good run.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) – Reasons to Say NO

You must have heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). A bill that  aims to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods, by giving copyright holders the right to shutdown any US hosted website they claim infringing to their copyrights. for non-US hosted sites, the site will be restricted by blocking it from ISP DNS databases ( IP access may still be possible), also the site will be removed from US search engines (all search engines?) , prohibited from using US based payment solutions (paypal, most credit card gateways), and finally advertisers will be banned from placing ads in that domain (removal from Adsense and similar). The copyright holder wouldn’t even have to set foot in a court.

What if SOPA was to pass?

If this the Sopa bill was to pass, then we can all say goodbye to the internet we once loved. Webmasters will live in constant fear of pissing off the wrong corporation. most blogs, forums, social media, file sharing, will change or disappear, as merely linking to an infringing  website may open the gates of hell for the website owners. Allowing the US goverment to pass SOPA will ruin the internet for the entire planet.

You cannot let this bill pass. The DMCA ruined the internet once before and we can’t allow that to happen again. allowing SOPA is killing the Free internet.

Moneybookers account closed because I contacted costumer support.

It was sad day, that day when I decided that it would be Ok to contact Moneybookers for a simple request. a request that started a vicious chain reaction that ended with my account permanently suspended for no real reason. the story is long and sad.

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New Games protection systems DRM, why even bother.

We have been playing video games since 1958, the gaming industry is getting even bigger and bigger every day, faster platforms, better graphics, smarter gameplay and control systems. But yet, we still struggle with the same problem we faced in the beginning, how to protect a game against unauthorized copying and distribution.

Back in the days in 1986 one of the first computer viruses ever was created as an attempt to protect against unauthorized copying. As if that was not a disaster per-say, developers kept on experimenting with different protection methods each of which was compromised sooner or later.

Today, 24 years later, we are still living the same struggle, and just until recently we didn’t care, but we are starting to get mad as recent DRM (Digital rights Management) systems started inconveniencing rightful owners of games, by insisting on a permanent Internet connection to some unstable servers to play offline games?


Coming to think about it, why are they even still trying? It has been like 24 years people, and not a single game got away without being cracked ( Don’t count PS3 games, but it’s coming for them as PS3 is starting the smile after being tickled for so long).

See, I believe there are 4 kinds of gamers, lets call them, the Buyers, The Testers, the leeches , and the Cheaps.

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Kaspersky PURE, what is so pure about it?

I recently installed Kaspersky pure, It sure is a Kaspersky, meaning great protection against Virus, especially exotic ones that can make other anti-virus application run in circles.

I can think of a couple of things that I’m starting to hate in this version, and here is a little list of them:

1. Parental control, XD , come on you can do better, a 9 months baby can find his way around this security, just use a browser other than IE or FireFox  and you are off the hook.

2. Back-up : this will just collect multiple versions of all the crap in your HD and and squeeze it into backups, eating up you HD space. If you need a backup solution this can still work, but if you’re just a home user with almost nothing to lose 😉 you don’t need this.

3. Where are all my settings? Kaspersky is slowly turning into a Norton, I can’t  find the settings that made kaspersky so special over the years, no sliders to increase / decrease scanning  strength, no scanning by file type, just plain prison meals, either enable your G D protection or disable it and go to hell. Actually the settings are there, you just have to dig deeper to reach them SRY

4. Password Manager. Kaspersky used to sell this as a stand alone application, without much success I guess. The Idea is that this application can import password from several application (No Opera guys) and encrypt them and receive new passwords entered into IE or firefox, or other application. You can confirm you identity to used stored passwords by typing a master password, by a bluetooth device, or other biometric devices. to me, this is just another icon in my status bar, and another window asking me to enter a password on every boot, plus if get get so friendly with this application then you wont be able to move past Kaspersky products for the rest of your life, or you will have to buy the standalone version of the password manager, but I’m not sure about the export capabilities of this passwords manager.

5. System tuneup XD Hurray!! you need someone to clear your browsers cash? what about cleaning the temp folders? this is the app for you. to be honest, this can come in handy if you have your browsers settings messed up  by some Virus, other than this this is useless.

6. Tight network security: so tight, it will kill all your network and printer shares, you will have to run around the settings for hours to get everything up and running. This is probably why I only use Kaspersky Antivirus and not internet security.

Finally I miss the days when kasper used to scream like a  pig giving birth when it catches a virus, the Pure vision of the product is just not suitable for the repel antivirus Kaspersky used to be.

6 things I hate about Dragon age: Origins

Some of the many things that I hate about the game called “Dragon Age: Origin”:

  1. Bad retarded graphics.

The graphics in this game are basically bad, they try to cover things up with some blur and full screen effects, but the result still sucks. Most of the objects in the game world are have low geometry. Check out my comments in the picture below:

2. PS1 like magic spells.

In a game of this genre, I always expect to see cool spells and magic effects. Well in this game most of the spells remind me of my old PlayStation one. Even there the Magic in Final fantasy IX was pretty spectacular. See an example in the pic below:

3. Crappy combat system.

As I usually do, I chose a mage as my main character in the game, for a start, your character will not respond to an attacker unless you ask him to, and then you will basically have to press “1” or “2” on your keyboard to lunch a spell, then you will have to wait until some count down is over to get to do the same spell again. And that, my friend is no fun.

4. Limited movement possibilities.

You are only allowed to walk in specific regions, don’t dream about crossing water, or even touching it. I think that the animation of footsteps in water is too complicated for our gurus here.

5. Bad long conversation and non-sense replies.

Every time you engage in a conversation, you will be given the chance to choose what to say from 3 or 4 options, most of the time, 1 option will make you sound gay, and the other 3 will make you a total jerk. They should have learned from “Rise of the Argonauts” when each conversation option is influenced by the teachings of some Greek god, and hence each answer is rational and reflects a well specific personality. But here you are just too rude or too nice.

6. You will never get to hear your part of the conversation.

I think that recording multiple conversations in multiple voices was just too troublesome for the developers of this game. But my problem is, why did you decide to record to other part of the conversation? It would be just ok with text conversations as it is in many other role playing games.

Are you a dragon age : Origin fan ? come on! get our of here, or at least tell us what you like about this game.

Did I forget some other things? come on lets make these the “100 things i hate about DAO”

who the hell is acai-health-diet.com ?

I keep on getting incoming traffic from this www.acai-health-diet.com. it is some website related to diets. the best thing is that when I go there, they have no links to my blog and are not using any traffic exchange program.

Also I also found that they are referring some people to my referral account on on webhostingpad.com

This is just weird

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Radeon Catalyst and display driver 9.6 NEW

ex_08apr_dmm_radeon4890_gameA new driver is released for almost all recent Radeon display adapters. The following improvements are announced with this new driver

  • Company of Heroes – performance improves up to 25% with HD 4600 series products and below as well as improvements of up to 10% on HD 4800 series
  • Crysis – performance improves up to 13% in multi-GPU configurations
  • Crysis Warhead – performance improves up to 11% in multi-GPU configurations
  • World in Conflict – performance improvements of up to 30% can be seen in settings
    that were previously CPU limited

Also, some crashes and problems with the CCC has been fixed.

This is all great, but now in a time where AMD (ATI) cards are considered better than their equivalents in nVidia, I think it is time for AMD to stand up for the challenge and fix embarrassing bugs such as:

  • 3D graphics corruption in many games with Adaptive anti-aliasing enabled.
  • Games crash on minimize and resolution changes.
  • funny looking effects.
  • Buggy deinterlacing that actually make movies interlaced (scan-line effect)
  • V-sinc does not know when to turn on or off
  • [ad#link5box]

AMD (ATI) must work more with the developers and do more “Best played on Radeon” games. Also it is time to flood the market with DirectX 10.1 games, since no nVidia cards already supports it. and I’m not talking about crappy games such as Stormrise.

Radeon card are strong but I feel that this miss a Strong software support.

what do you think

Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

I’m an old fan of the Silent Hill series, I played the first silent Hill on PSX a long time ago, loved it, it was one of my favorite PSX horror games.

Enough with the old 1999 game; let’s talk about the new 2008-2009 title Homecoming which I’m playing on PC.

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