Fix Windows Vista black desktop on Startup


This problem causes windows to startup to a black screen, with only the “Documents” folder open, once you close it, the screen is all black, no start menu , no background, no icons.

The causes of this are not very clear to be but i suggest that it is related to some form of new virus or malware.

To correct this do the following:

– On the black desctop screen, hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc

-The tast Manager will appear, from the file menu, select run and write “explorer” without the quotations.

-Your computer will load the start menu and will work correctly.

Until now, we still haven’t fixed the problem, the next time you boot your computer , you will have to repeate the same procedure.

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Fix desktop crashing into 16 color display mode

Problem: When Windows Xp starts, the display reverts to a low resolution 16 color mode.

Cause: Generally this is caused by a malfunctioning display adapter driver, I have seen it on built-in VGAs from intel.

Solution: reinstall the display driver, if you still have the same problem, uninstall the VGA driver and do not install a driver for it again, windows will just use software support to display your desktop correctly. but you still wont be able to play games or correctly view movies until you find a working driver and install it.

Restoring windows Display after starting TV-tools

TV tools is a software that is supposed to manage and control nVidia cards TV out.

If you have made the mistake of installing this software without reading the documentation first. Your screen may go blank and there is nothing you can see. even after a restart.

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Windows\system32\config\system is corrupted ? here is the solution.

Files under system32\config as generally registry hives (where the registry lives)

system32\config\system and  system32\config\software can be easily damaged or corrupted in case of power  drop in the system.

Note that unlike other system files do not think about restoring them using the expand command from the windows XP recovery console, these file contain YOUR registry and you don’t want them replaced with the stock XP empty registry.

2 Ways to solve this:

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