Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands, Stuck behind a closed door?

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands along with many other UBISOFT games are now using a new DRM protection, the idea behind it very smart, instead of just protecting the game by DVD checks, hardware codes, and encryptions, each of which became just a pass-time for hardcore crackers like SKIDROW, RELOADED, or ViTALiTY. Now the protection method is to hide some small parts of the game inside a server, which checks the validity of your game before allowing these portions of the game to execute. this is the secret behind the new notice on the games “This game requires a permanent internet connection to play”

In the case of prince of Persia , the aspects of the game that are controlled by this server are :

– Levers logic
– Door timing
– Upgrades
– Abilities
– XP & Levels
– Area codes

so in case your connection to the server fails any of these may become problematic or behave unexpectedly.

So if you are stuck behind a closed door, you may want to check your internet connection, that is of course if you are not using the early cracked version by SKIDROW that has reported this bug and that was fixed in their later released crack fix.

Needless to say, as the gamers are furious against this new type of protection many of them started attacking the game servers with thousand of denial of service attacks, in the goal to make games unplayable even for rightful owners, and by that forcing the companies to refrain from using this protection method ever again.

Are you with or against this new DRM?

Connecting to IWnet… Am I banned? ALTERIWNET

Many of you must have heard about the alteriwnet, for those who didn’t, it is an alternative network to play Call of Duty : Modern warfare II. which has come as a reaction to the lack of dedicated server support on this new COD.

What is good about this network is that cheater can be easily reported and banned from the game ( I hope they would do the same to gl noobs as well).

When you are banned from the network, the game will display a message “Connecting to IWNet…” and never connects.

If you haven’t cheated,  (( now have you? >:(  )) but you got this message then it could be one of the following:

– Someone has reported you because of a personal problem.

-Someone else using your computer DID cheat and got busted.

For the two above you will have to file a complaint to the alteriwnet forums and see what you can do.

Now for the things that can block you game from connecting even though you are not banned

-You have installed and running Hamachi

-You have installed and running Tunngle

-You have installed an inactive network card

-Your windows mobile phone is connected to your computer 🙂

simply go to the “network adapters confuguration” on your cmputer whatever the hell you kids call it today, (on XP: network connections, on Vista:Manage Network Connections, and on 7: confirgure network thingy) And disable every network card excep for the one that is providing you with Internet access. If the game still doesn’t work then your ass is banned or you simply do not have internet access.

To know more about how you can get AlterIWnet visit

Go any altenative reasons not to be able to connect? share them here!

Internet, files and printers sharing on a windows 7 computer

Windows 7 has brought a change in the Windows handles Internet sharing ( internet sharing is one computer is connected to the internet and the rest of the computers on the LAN connects to it to get online).
For windows XP and Vista, internet sharing is achieved by setting the IP of the computer’s network card to then enabling a DHCP internal windows service to provide IP addresses to the rest of the computers. Windows 7 uses the following IP address instead : I don’t know what’s so cool about 137 other than the fact that it is not zero, which is the sub network used by many network admins and that could create conflicts when a used starts internet sharing.

to get Windows 7 to share an Internet connection, just right click the modem/ network card that is connected to the internet select properties then sharing, enable sharing to your LAN, that’s it.

Things get more complicated if you try to share a windows 7 internet connection through a wireless access point. Usually access points have a dedicated network port to be connected to the internet source (that is the case with D-link). if you just plug that into your computer it will not work, not only because of the fact that you will need to use a crossover (needs testing to confirm) to switch the send\receive lines. but also you will be unable to get file and printer sharing normally from the server computer. because the IP that your computer is proving the access point will be considered a WAN IP, and the access point will not be able to DHCP the client computers to the same IP range as the WAN IP.

The solution here is to place a switch between the wireless AP and the computer, with DHCP off. the AP will get the wan IP from your computer, something like, then with the AP’s DHCP it will assign IPs in the range of to other wireless clients.

to get file and printer sharing you will need to directly connect to the server computers IP, as it will not appear as a regular computer in your network.

to create a shortcut to the server’s shared files :
right click your desktop, select new then click shortcut
for the address write :

If you have file sharing enabled through your windows 7, you will be able to access shared files and printers.

I also have another approach that is not that catholic, and that is to place a normal network cable between the AP’s LAN ports and the switch. this will create an irregularity where the AP tries to assign an IP to the server, and the server already has an IP and that is the WAN IP of the AP, if you are lucky, your server will appear as a regular computer with other wireless clients, but this is a very unstable method and I wouldn’t recommend it.

I also noticed that file sharing speed through this method is not that great, I will look some more into that.

Any Ideas, thoughts or discoveries? please share 🙂

MSWINSCK.OCX for 64 bit Windows 7 & Vista




MSWINSCK.OCX  is a file required by many old application in order to listen to a certain port or just allow. network connections. This OCX will not register as most of know, by putting in in the system32 folder and typing the command “regsvr32 MSWINSCK.OCX”. With newer 64 bit systems it is a bit tricky. Here is how to do it

1. download the file here

2. Copy it to c:\\windows\\syswow64

3. type the following “Run” command :   “regsvr32 c:\\windows\\syswow64\\MSWINSCK.OCX” and yes, you must type the full path to the file, not just the name.

4. That’s it it should work now.

Windows 7 godmodes and hidden settings.


Today We’ll be discussing the hidden settings (and shortcuts) in windows 7.

Windows 7 has some developer oriented settings and control panels, for example shortcuts to directly access GPS setting (yes there are GPS settings), biometry settings, or just printer settings.

To unlock these modes all you need to do is to create a folder with any name (angrybyte of instance) then a single dot “.” and then a special code for the required panel

an example would be to create a folder named:


opening this folder will open the master control panel ( or the godmode as the guy that originally discovered it calls it).

There are also some other modes and hidden settings, I have came up with a method to create them all in one go. You can read more about it in the post : Unlocking all hidden settings & godemodes in windows 7 in the forums

have fun, and remember, it will break down eventually.

Use Opera unite to access thousands of shared music and video files

If you don’t know what is Opera Unite, then you can read some more about it here or visit the official website here

Today we will discuss how to use Google to access the media and data files that other Opera unite users are sharing after their permission to have their shared files indexable by Google.

To keep things simple I will set a few links that will give you direct access to Google search results.

1. Streaming music files
2.Streaming Video, Audio, and downloadable PDFs
3. Any shared files.
4. Shared Pictures

5.  Acess to self hosted websites click repeat the search with the omitted results included. to show all results.

Clicking  repeat the search with the omitted results included. will increase the number of results because Google tends to assume that multiple results are repeated.

Some of the results you will try to access will be offline, this means that the computer hosting the application is currently off, or Opera is not running.

Please carful while accessing self hosted website, there is no way to know the kind of material that can be hosted there. Also do not download suspesious or pirated apps from other’s computers, this can be very dangerous.

To have your opera services indexed by Google and publicly accessible, do the following.
1. register with opera unite and prepare all the application you want to share.
2. Right click each of the applications that you will be sharing and select properties.

sharing is caring3. click on the advanced settings arrow, then check “make application visible to search engines”.

4. If you wish for your files to be publicly viewable, please remove the password protection. to do so open the admin tab of the application that you sharing and click “Public” then save your settings.

sharing is caring 2 that’s it!

It’s of course obvious that your internet bandwidth will be affected if you are sharing huge files that are publicly accessible, and let’s not neglect the risk of virus infection if you were smart enough to open a publicly accessible “File Inbox”

Please do not do illegal stuff with the info provided here. Opera gave us a good thing, let’s not ruin it!

Feel free to post your Opera unite applications links (and passes if any) here.

Opera Unite

Opera unite is a new service provided with the latest Opera browser 10.10. The idea is simple, you create an Opera account, and to that account, you can connect multiple computers (say: Home , Work, Notebook etc) and on each of these computers, you can install applications to do various things, like file sharing, or music streaming!


Other than that, you can connect to your friends computers, check the pictures they are sharing, leave them notes on the fridge (a note sending service is literally called fridge) , or listen to their music.

You can password protect your shared services to increase your security, but on the other hand you can go public and make the files you are sharing appear on search engines!

Another great feature of Opera Unite is the ability to provide a web server. You can host your own website on your computer without stressing over network related issues (static or dynamic IP, port forwarding etc). Opera will provide you with a URL that will give you direct access to your website from anywhere. I think I will write more on some applications of this very soon.

Many more applications are also available, like video streaming, group spreadsheet editor, file inbox and I expect much more to be available soon.

If anyone cares about testing the new Opera Unite as a group, please write your request here.

activate the Missing Hard disk partition in windows 7

after I installed windows 7 on my pc, I noticed that 1 of my 5 hard disk  partitions was missing. the real cause of this is not yet clear to me, it is probably related to the ability of the windows 7 installation process to assign driver letters to a big number of partitions, but who knows.

Anyway to get back your partitions do not try extreme solutions such as BIOS settings and chipset INF files, just follow the following steps.

1. right click “Computer” and select “manage” . click “disk management” from the list on the left.

2. locate the missing partition, it is usually the partition without a driver letter.

3. right click it and assign a driver letter to it.

That’s it ! everything should work just fine now.

By the way what was you first impression after installing windows 7? I don’t know about you but I was a little disappointed

Play Guitar Hero World Tour vocals on PC with any microphone


Normally, Guitar hero: World Tour for PC will not allow you to play the vocals mode unless you have a compatible USB microphone. but thanks to the trick I discovered, you will enjoy playing guitar hero with any headset microphone you have. Just follow the steps carefully.

This method is provided as is with no guarantees that it will work and/or effect your computer in any way.

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Resizing hard disk partitions in windows Vista

[ad#square] InWindows Vista, you will not be needing any third party application such as Partition Magic to resize/ split you hard disk partitions without losing any data.

To achieve the best results I recommend backing-up important data (you never know), moving any large files to an extra partition or flash disk, and finally run a defragmentation.

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