Restore overwritten or modified documents

shadow-copiesThere is a small life saving utility that comes with windows vista, you can use it if you have overwritten or modified an important document by mistake.

To restore the previous correct version of the document right click the modified document and select “Restore previous versions”. Allow windows a couple of minutes to lookup “shadow” copies of the file. select one of the discovered shadow copies then hit “copy” at the bottom of the window, save the original copy of the document somewhere else.

That’s it, you saved your job

Exporting Opera 9 wand passwords to Opera 10 BETA

The all new opera 10 BETA 2 does not detect previous versions of opera and does not offer upgrading from previous versions (on purpose maybe?). Anyway If you are like me and you can’t live without your wand passwords, there is an easy hack to export them to the new version of opera.

open “C:\Users\USERANAME\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\profile” (change C: by your system drive and USERNAME with your username)
copy wand.dat
now open “C:\Users\USERANAME\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera 10 Beta” and paste the file (overwrite the existing one).

You are all set! open opera 10 BETA 2 and enjoy.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy facing a world of Firefox and IE with my opera, I just love it

play Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X on DirectX 10.1

Tom Clany's H.A.W.X DX 10.1Tom Clany’s H.A.W.X DX 10.1This game is the first game I know that has a DirectX 10.1 mode, anyway it is a little tricky to activate it.

First, I don’t  know of any nVidia card that has DirectX 10.1  support, too bad for the new expansive nvidia 200 series owners. ATI 4800 series a fully compatible.

Second you must have Windows Vista Service pack 1 installed, not even the regular vista will do. Sorry.

Now you must have the game correctly installed and working, you maybe have noticed that there is a disabled DirectX 10 tab in the video options of the game, this trick will enable it as well.

Instead on running the game normally (double clicking the icon) right click it then select “Play Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X DX10”, (You can also browse to the game’s installation folder and open HAWX_dx10.exe instead of HAWX.exe )

You are good to go, now you can enable DirectX 10.1 from the new directX 10 menu in the game’s video settings.

This has been tested and found working on my ATI 4890.

Speed up your computer while using Kaspersky antivirus

If you have a multi-core processor, (with hyper-threading  at least) you give your computer a little speed boost by limiting the antivirus and any other security firewalls to use only one core.

To do that simply identify the antivirus process from the task manager (avp.exe for kaspersky), then right click it and select  set affinity.

deselect all but one core.

Thats it!

set affinity to antivirusset affinity to antivirus

This method may work with other antiviruses, but I just tested it on Kaspersky 2009

Access your computer from any other computer in the world

Remote desktop is a software included with Windows XP and Vista. It allows you to use your computer from any other computer on the network or the internet.

Not many people really know how to configure and use Remote desktop specially over the internet because it requires IP knowledge and port forwarding.

Here I will explain in details how to use this feature on windows Vista over the internet Continue reading “Access your computer from any other computer in the world”