Fix Windows Vista black desktop on Startup


This problem causes windows to startup to a black screen, with only the “Documents” folder open, once you close it, the screen is all black, no start menu , no background, no icons.

The causes of this are not very clear to be but i suggest that it is related to some form of new virus or malware.

To correct this do the following:

– On the black desctop screen, hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc

-The tast Manager will appear, from the file menu, select run and write “explorer” without the quotations.

-Your computer will load the start menu and will work correctly.

Until now, we still haven’t fixed the problem, the next time you boot your computer , you will have to repeate the same procedure.

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BCM2045A USB Bluetooth Dongle driver for windows Vista 32 and x64 bits


BCM2045A USB Bluetooth adapter is a cheap Chinese usb bluethooth adapter, it works very well under windows XP but under windows Vista, there is no way you can install it’s driver because it is not digitally signed and there is no version on the internet that is.

To use this BCM2045A USB Bluetooth Dongle on windows Vista follow these simple steps:

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Installing dual boot Windows 7 RC on your Laptop

This is a complete guide on how to install Windows 7 RC1 on your laptop computer. for this test I used HP dv4290px-Windows_7_RC

Please read this guide carefully before starting, if you have any questions please ask before you start. and please remember that this procedure can be dangerous, I can help you but I can’t be held responsible if you fry your laptop or lose important data

Since Windows 7 in not yet released, Microsoft is offering you to try Windows 7 for free till June 1st 2010. which is almost 1 year from now.

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Resizing hard disk partitions in windows Vista

[ad#square] InWindows Vista, you will not be needing any third party application such as Partition Magic to resize/ split you hard disk partitions without losing any data.

To achieve the best results I recommend backing-up important data (you never know), moving any large files to an extra partition or flash disk, and finally run a defragmentation.

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HP 656c Driver for windows Vista 32 and 64

HP 656cHP 656cThe HP 656c is a very old hp printer. I got it around the year 2001, recently I needed to download a driver for it to work on windows Vista x64 and not surprisingly there was not.

The trick to use your HP 656c on windows Vista 32 or x64 is easy.

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ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211) Driver for Windows Vista 32 64

This one gave me a really hard time to find, So I decided to upload it for you nice ppl to save you some time.

This driver works for the ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211)  as well as  for many cheap china made webcams. it works under windows Vista 64  bit
Anyway the trick is not in the driver it self but in windows Vista. Download it here (LINK UPDATED !!!)

-restart your computer.
-hold F8 before windows Vista loads (right after the BIOS POST screen)
-select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”
– now boot to windows and install the driver. your ZSMC USB PC Camera (ZS0211) will now work


If you get sick of this piece of junk, just get a new webcam, you can find good cheap Windows 7 64 webcams on amazon


The Vista Snipping Tool.

Many useless small applications are added with windows vista. One of them is called the Snipping tool

This tool is used to capture portions of the screen, add marks or highlights to it, and then copy it to the clipboard or save it to a file.

To start it, select it from the accessories menu in the Vista ultimate start menu.

Click and drag a box around the areas you want to capture and voila, you can then copy the picture to the clipboard, save it to a file or send it by Email.

For me I would stick with the usual “PrintScreen” and mspaint combination for screen capturing for the following reasons:

  • The snipping tool does not allow you to capture open menus or the start menu
  • It can’t be easily used inside full screen applications such as games.
  • Not easily nor quickly accessible as the Printscreen keyboard key.

    It’s just good to know that it is there that’s all.

Access your computer from any other computer in the world

Remote desktop is a software included with Windows XP and Vista. It allows you to use your computer from any other computer on the network or the internet.

Not many people really know how to configure and use Remote desktop specially over the internet because it requires IP knowledge and port forwarding.

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