Blocking unwanted websites for free no software needed!

Here is a very good method to block adult websites, illegal activity websites and scam without having to install any third party software.

We all know that windows content management sucks and it only blocks a handful of unwanted websites. There is a very good method to do it for free without any software popping up every time.

The Idea is to change the DNS server for your computer or the entire network to OpenDNS.

To those who doesn’t know a DNS server  is a server that coverts the name of a website to it’s actual IP address. at this level when a known unwanted domain name is requested, the DNS server can refuse to to supply the actual IP address and redirect you to the BLOCKED page.

Now to do this the effective way (not easy to change) you have to change the DNS server inside your router. to this DNS

To find out how to do it in your router check here

If your network uses static IPs (no DHCP) or if porn websites are not blocked yet, you have to change the DNS for each machine as following:

After that everytime anyone tries to access an unwanted website he will go straight to a page saying that the requested page was blocked.

You can also register at OpenDNS to set specific settings for your network but that will require a static IP from your ISP or a windows fix to allow automatic IP update you can read more about that here

If you are trying to block a real geek  don’t try this method and look for a good paid adult website blocking software, may be in the following sponsored links 🙂