Connecting to IWnet… Am I banned? ALTERIWNET

Many of you must have heard about the alteriwnet, for those who didn’t, it is an alternative network to play Call of Duty : Modern warfare II. which has come as a reaction to the lack of dedicated server support on this new COD.

What is good about this network is that cheater can be easily reported and banned from the game ( I hope they would do the same to gl noobs as well).

When you are banned from the network, the game will display a message “Connecting to IWNet…” and never connects.

If you haven’t cheated,  (( now have you? >:(  )) but you got this message then it could be one of the following:

– Someone has reported you because of a personal problem.

-Someone else using your computer DID cheat and got busted.

For the two above you will have to file a complaint to the alteriwnet forums and see what you can do.

Now for the things that can block you game from connecting even though you are not banned

-You have installed and running Hamachi

-You have installed and running Tunngle

-You have installed an inactive network card

-Your windows mobile phone is connected to your computer 🙂

simply go to the “network adapters confuguration” on your cmputer whatever the hell you kids call it today, (on XP: network connections, on Vista:Manage Network Connections, and on 7: confirgure network thingy) And disable every network card excep for the one that is providing you with Internet access. If the game still doesn’t work then your ass is banned or you simply do not have internet access.

To know more about how you can get AlterIWnet visit

Go any altenative reasons not to be able to connect? share them here!

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