a website with a unique gallery system on WordPress


Today, I got online a new website dedicated to Naruto Cosplay images. The website uses wordpress with a prototype of a gallery system for wordpress that I’m developing. The script is around 1300 lines long, and brings many features that are unavailable until today for wordpress.

You might ask “Why wordpress?” there are many image CMS and gallery scripts for this, I say that only wordpress comes with thousands of plugins and themes, a solid interface and a tight security, nothing can beat wordpress in my opinion. But still no reliable gallery plugin is available to use it for picture based websites.

This plugin (I’m still not sure how I will call it) was originally developed to be a wordpress MOD not a plugin, but when I started to learn more about wordpress plugins I decided that a plugin will suffice for the task without altering the original wordpress scripts

The websites theme is also highly customized, I started from the well known Heat Map Theme, which is a SE freindly AD-Sense   ready theme, I changed it to have a dynamic width, played around with the pictures and colors. and finally got a good looking overall.

I will be publishing both the plugin and the theme of once I finish working on a releasable version.

I invite you all to go there and visit,  and please report back if you discover any bugs.