I’m Alive

It’s not like if there was thousands of people longing for every update on angrybyte.com . But for all three of you that actually noticed and cared. I was not around for almost 5 months, no updates, no comments, no moderation. The reason is simple.

I live in Libya 🙂 , I’m not Libyan, but for some twisted reason I live there. Shortly after the beginning of the Libyan revolution on the 17th of February, the government closed the internet. and it was just reconnected a while ago as rebels took over Tripoli.

I never thought that I would sanely survive half a year without the company of Bytes flowing gracefully through my computer, but hey I’m still here.

There was also an incident related to another website on my hosting account that got angrybyte.com taken down for almost a month, I had to go undercover to a governmental facility to get Internet  and fix the issue, I was not discovered, arrested, or killed. Thank you.

Some might ask if it was all worth it, I may say yes. I could have left but I didn’t. It is truly a once in a life time to witness a revolution, a war, and an independence.

Thank you all of caring and I will start updating frequently very soon.