A list of professional windows keyboard shortcuts

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts you can use to perform many tasks in a quick and fancy style.

here we go:

Alt-tab: cycle through opened windows

Win-m: minimize all opened windows.

win-E: opens my computer(explore).

Win-r: opens “Run” and from there you can type:

  • calc: start the windows calculator
  • explorer:starts my computer
  • dxdiag: DirectX diagnostic tool
  • msconfig: windows configuration
  • regedit: registry editor
  • mspaint: starts Microsoft Paint.
  • notepad: obvious.

Win-L: Lock computer\ switch user

Win-U: starts the accessibility wizard (narrator, magnifier, etc)

Hold shift while inserting a CD of a flash disk: prevent autorun

Alt-F4: close the active application.

Alt-shift-Num lock: enables you to move the mouse with your keyboard’s numpad (It also makes a funny sound through the computers internal speaker, you should try it!) you can then use Numlock to switch it on and off (another two funny sounds)

Now with some keyboard shortcuts that are used with any text editor:
Ctrl-R/L arrow move the cursor 1 word instead of one letter

Shift-L/R arrow selects the text you move on

Home/End move to the begining/End of the current line

You can combine the last three shortcuts to quickly select a word or the entire line.

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