Access your computer from any other computer in the world

Remote desktop is a software included with Windows XP and Vista. It allows you to use your computer from any other computer on the network or the internet.

Not many people really know how to configure and use Remote desktop specially over the internet because it requires IP knowledge and port forwarding.

Here I will explain in details how to use this feature on windows Vista over the internet.

First we will have to configure the home computer: From the start menu right click “Computer” then select properties.
Click Remote settings from the menu on the left. from the start menu select “all programs ”  then click “Remote desktop connection” under accessories.

untitledNow you will have to set up port forwarding on your router. you will have to look up the internet to find out how to access and setup port forwarding on your computer.

In my case. I have a sagem ADSL router and a Dlink wireless access point. The correct method here is to forward Remote desktop packets from the router to the access point to the computer. But generally you will have to setup only one device.

Now you need to find out the LAN IP address of the computer to be remotely accessed, you can do that from the network status on the computer. in my case it was

Now you need to setup your router to forward port 3389 to the computer to be accessed.


Now you will have to know your Internet IP at all times. If you have a static IP you are ok. If not you can setup an account on any dynamic DNS service. usually it is free.

You can also use another trick and it is to leave your Gmail Email open on the computer to be accessed then access the same Email from the other computer then hit “Details ” in “Last account activity: X minutes ago on this computer. Details”  you will see a list of IPs the accessed this Email. Ignore any IP with a star next to it and copy the other IP.
Now on any computer open “remote desktop connection”  from the start menu under accessories.

enter the remote computer IP. If everything is OK you should be asked for a user name and a password. enter the user you used to enable remote desktop on the other machine then hit Enter.

You are there!

You can always mess up with some settings to improve the connection speed (window size, quality etc)

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