enable File and printer sharing with Kaspersky internet Security

Kaspersky is a nice antivirus, but when comes to network and internet security, I don’t like it that much. one of the problems that many people have after installing kaspersky internet security or Kaspersky Pure, is the loss on file and printer sharing.

Well this is because Kaspersky will put all of your network as “Public networks” by default, and you will have to manually go through the settings to set it as a Trusted network to regain connectivity with the rest of the network.

To Do this:

1. Right click KIS icon and select settings, if you have pure, then open it then click “My computer protection” then settings.

2. Hit Firewall then settings.

3. Click networks, find your active network (it should not be grayed out if it is active) right click it and set it as a trusted network.

4.Save everything.

That’s it!

I would have loved it if a small message showed up saying, “well, someone is trying to reach your printer, do you wana allow him?  [Sure!] [Nope]

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