Enabling TELNET and SSH in windows 7

Windows 7 doesn’t support TELNET by default. and no windows version ever supported ssh.

For telnet there is an easy way to enable it, and it is by going to Start, Control Panel, Programs And Features, Turn Windows features on or off
and select the Telnet Client.

But here we are going to do a neat trick to enable both telnet and ssh using the amazingĀ  PuTTY instead.

1. download PuTTY from here

2. copy putty.exe to your system32 folder.

3. inside system32. create two new files telnet.bat and ssh.bat

4. Edit these two file at follows :


putty.exe -telnet %1


putty.exe -ssh %1

save everything and close.

Now you can run telnet or SSH from the command prompt or even the start menu search box as follows:

c:\> tenet

c:\> ssh

as if you were using a good old Linux terminal.

If you want to know how to make your command prompt look like this check this post

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