HyperTerminal For windows 7, How to get it


Windows 7 has removed our good old HyperTerminal, an utility used to as a terminal console over telephone or serial RS32 links. These all may seem like old features that need to be taken out and shot. But believe me, real geeks and communication professionals would love to have HyperTerminal back to windows.

Hyperterminal is not even available through the add remove windows features like telnet. To get it back you will have to follow one of these plans:

How to get HyperTerminal in Windows 7?

Option 1: copy hyperterminal executables from an XP machine to your Program Files > Windows NT these files are: hypertrm.exe and htrn_jis.dll, if you don’t have an XP machine near you, you may follow this link to get them http://www.filefactory.com/file/c0b15cf/n/Hyperterminal.rar


Option 2. Forget HyperTerminal, and start using PuTTY. PuTTy, is much better than Hyperterminal, it offers SSH and Telnet as well. And it is free.

That’s it, now you have your Hyperterminal features back.