Matrix Style DOS console.

If you frequently use DOS, and if like the Matrix, then this is for you!

This is a simple registry change to make your DOS console look like a Matrix terminal!.

Open your regitry editor and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor

Find the value “Default color” and change it to hex value :”0A”

save then open your command line to see the new Matrix colors, which is make you look much cooler or even help you score some points, if you can at least pretend to type quickly!

One more cool trick, to enforce you geeky swag.

Ok, open C:\windows\system32 and create  a batch file named dos.bat

Paste the following code inside it

@Echo off
title Enter The Matrix
color 0A
dir c:\windows\system32
echo —————————–
echo Welcome to the Matrix
echo —————————–

prompt Hello Neo

Now  save the file, from now on every time you want to open the command prompt do the following:

1. Do your evil laugh.

2 hit Ctrl-R to show the run command

3. type dos as quick as you can then slam the enter key

4. your cool command prompt will show after a nice entrance

Any better ideas about the batch file, I bet we can make it much cooler.